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Making sense of today's Gold market .

It's been about eight days since we did a video on gold, and given the market action today I thought I would look at what is causing the downward pressure in this market. If you did not watch my last video on gold, I strongly recommend you click here to watch the video titled "Five Reasons Why Gold Will Not Make a New High This Time" as it will give you a bigger picture of how we see this market playing out in the next 12 months. In today's short video we look at an indicator that we have not talked about before in any of our videos. The indicator, which is an overlay on top of the chart, is called the Donchian Channel Indicator. Richard Donchian, who has since passed away, came up with this indicator in the late '40s. The reason why I like this indicator is the fact that it has successfully stood the test of time. I think you'll really enjoy seeing how it can help you make money i

Looking At Silver for All the Wrong Reasons .

Late in 2009 a lot of folks began asking us about buying silver instead of gold. At the time, we stated exactly how we felt, in that, why would you try to buy something that is not in the same league as gold? The two markets are completely different and are driven by a different set of emotions and fundamentals. This is the first video that I've done on silver in quite some time, but I think it's an important one for you to see. One of the standout features that I noticed was the fact that when gold was making new all-time highs in early December, silver failed to take out the March 2008 high. I consider this to be a negative. In this short video you will very quickly see how we feel about silver and how you can benefit from looking at this market from a different perspective. As always our videos are free to watch and there are no registration requirements.

MarketClub: Free Gold Report

Special Report From Market Club . The Super Cycle of gold and How it will affect your pocketbook in 2010 You can Ask your free report  clicking the link below.

Gold, Silver, Platinum…W.T.F.?

 Brad Stafford here in place of Adam Hewison and I have a great new video for you. I’m sure many of you read that title and your mind went in the gutter, but today I’m going to show you a whole new meaning for this acronym and how it applies to gold, silver, and platinum. These three markets have a lot of volume, government implications, and technicals lining up for potentially great trades : 1.-Gold makes a record high, then pulls back. 2.- Silver is inching towards an all-time high level and, 3.-Platinum is making people rethink their decision .  4.- Where do you stand in these markets and maybe more importantly, where should you stand?   Click in the link beloww to find out what W.T.F. really stands for and what does to do with gold, silver and    Platinum.    You have to watch this video and make the decision that best fits your investment strategy. ¡¡¡WE WISH YOU ALL THE BEST IN YOUR TRAD

$5,000.00 in prizes up for grabs!

" is giving Traders Blog readers the shot at over $5,000.00 in prizes for the holidays." invites you to enter the “Trader’s Blog Holiday Giveaway.” Enter for your chance to win one of twelve prizes, worth over $5,000.00 total to be given away. INO will be selecting one winner every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting on November 30th through December 25th. The winner will select their choice of prize and the remainder of the prizes will be available for the next winner picked. You can read about the prizes up for grab here: Good Luck and Happy Holidays, Fernando Guzmán Cavero FGC BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS

MarketClub Gold: Is this the move we have been waiting for? An Update

  URGENT Gold is approaching the price   we have been expecting to make a  sound decision  about it in our investments as Adam Hewison has been showing us the last few weeks. It is an extraordinary viideo you can view it for free with our compliments . ¡¡¡¡WATCH  IT  ASAP¡¡¡¡  FERNADO FUZMAN CAVERO

The Nasdaq cut open and broken down: By Adam Hewison

Today we are going to be examining the NASDAQ Index. This market, which made its peak in 2000 at the height of the dot com bubble, remains in a secular bear market. After making a low in March of 2001, this market has had multiyear recovery which has rallied it very close to a 50% Fibonacci retracement level. After a nearly 50% recovery, this market now appears to be faltering. The months of September and October are now with us and both of these months tend to be treacherous for the equity markets. We would not be surprised to see more of a two-way trading market before it eventually falls on its own weight and resumes a downward path. This is what we expect to happen, however, we are going to rely on our Trade Triangle technology to give us the perfect timing for that event. In today’s video I will show you graphically what I expect to happen to the NASDAQ Index.

Major signal issued on the Nasdaq New Video: By Adam Hewison

This is an important analysis just worked out on the Nasdaq Market Index, by Adam as a result of this confusing OF ups and downs of major Markets Indices. With the use of major technicals tools to evaluate the Nasdaq, Adam gives us a perpective of what could happen in this market. Fernando Guzmán Cavero FGC BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS _____________________________________________________________________ They Say That Timing In Life Is Everything Well here I am at my vacation home in Maine watching the markets go crazy. Yes, we are so lucky to have access to the Internet and to the markets themselves no matter where we are in the world. I didn’t plan on doing a video today, but the market action left me no choice. Today we witnessed an important “Trade Triangle” signal in this major index that should not be ignored. In my new video, I share with you this same signal that thousands of MarketClub members witnessed and will discuss some of the potential downside targets for

Do you have time for Coffee?

It has been sometime since we last looked at this market which has had a remarkable move from its lows. So how high can Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) go given the current economy and the competition from McDonalds (NYSE:MCD) and Dunkin’ Donuts (Privately Owned)? In this short video I will point out some key levels that I believe will present problems for this iconic coffeemaker. There is no need to register for this video and of course you can watch it with my compliments. Now go grab a cup of coffee and watch this video. Enjoy, and please give us your feedback on the MarketClub Traders Blog. All the best, Adam Hewison President, Co-creator, MarketClub

Adam Hewison Shares with us his points of view on What is :The Achilles Heel of a Market

In the video you are about to see Adam share with us his views on : 1.-How to prosper in the next 12 months in a market that affect us all. 2.- See Markets that have been 100% correct in the past 2 years 3.- What are the weakness in this Market and more.... Do not miss this outstanding video, just click the link below: Fernando Guzmán Cavero FGC BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS

Market Watch: Financial Stocks of the Week


Has the ‘Gold Bull’ finally arrived?

Is this the Gold move we’ve all been waiting for? Is the big move finally here? With so many stops and starts in the gold market, it’s hard to know which way is up. We’re only going to leave this online for a short time. Given the state of the current economy, things move quickly. If the video isn’t watched soon, it won’t be of any use to you. So I urge you to take a few minutes to watch the possible outlooks for gold on the upside. There is no need to register for this video and of course you can watch it with my compliments. I highly recommend watching this video today otherwise you risk missing out on what could be the move of the year. Enjoy the video: All the best, Adam Hewison President, Co-creator, MarketClub

Fibonacci Analysis of Gold and Crude: By Adam Hewison

You may have heard about Fibonacci, the man who discovered a set of numbers which have been found to have a major affect on the market. So who is this Fibonacci fellow and why are his findings so important in the market place? The mathematical findings by this thirteenth century Italian man has yielded a useful tool which is used in technical analysis and by scientists in a large array of fields. In our new short video, I will look at gold and also the crude oil market using MarketClub’s Fibonacci tool. I think you will be surprised and shocked at just how accurate and up-to-date this dead mathematician’s work is in today’s markets. This is such an important video that we only want to leave it online for a short time. We urge you to take 4 minutes and learn the Fibonacci secret to the markets. There is no need to register for this video and of course you can watch it with our compliments, but you must act today otherwise you risk missing out on this key.