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Gold Mining Sector Daily News January 21, 2014: African Barrick Gold – beginning to perform at last?

TOP STORIES | Tuesday , 21 Jan 2014                                                       African Barrick Gold – beginning to perform at last? Q4 and full year 2013 production and costs figures from African Barrick Gold continue to show improvement as cost cutting measures are implemented.      Tuesday , 21 Jan 2014 Can't miss headlines: Goldcorp waits, Amplats warns, B2Gold, Oceana break records The latest morning headlines, top junior developments and metal price movements. Today, Osisko rejects Goldcorp’s offer and tension remains very high on South Africa’s platinum and gold fields.      Tuesday , 21 Jan 2014 Bristow warns on Kibali gold mine – Don’t rock the boat! Building the big Kibali gold mine in the DRC has been a remarkable achievement but Randgold CEO, Mark Bristow, warns against the status quo being adversely affected by possible future legislation.      Tuesday , 21 Jan 2014 China ties new gold ‘spot’ contract to the Yuan China’s aim is even

Gold Mining Sector Daily News November 26, 2013: It takes courage, but now is the time to buy gold stocks - Adrian Day

$1,250.93 $20.11 TOP STORIES | Tuesday , 26 Nov 2013                                                      It takes courage, but now is the time to buy gold stocks - Adrian Day Asset manager Adrian Day says both major and junior gold stocks are at their cheapest prices in years and represent 'stunning buys'.      Tuesday , 26 Nov 2013 Can't-miss headlines: Precious, base metals claw back up & more Morning digest: Some strength in precious and base metals in recent trading, though some analyst see this as short lived. In juniors, watching Roxgold financing progress.      Tuesday , 26 Nov 2013 Best gold issues may start to melt up rather than down - Rule Now that the overgrown forest of TSX precious metals explorers has been pruned, a few outstanding companies can finally bloom and thrive to the benefit of today’s investor.      Tuesday , 26 Nov 2013 Gold building a base for next leg up – Jay Taylor It's been a pretty

Gold Mining Sector Daily News November 19, 2013: China gold consumption running at over 2,000 tonnes this year – Jansen.

$1,276.97 $20.46 TOP STORIES | Tuesday , 19 Nov 2013                                                      China gold consumption running at over 2,000 tonnes this year – Jansen Research suggests that Chinese gold consumption and imports are both running at considerably higher levels than data from GFMS and the World Gold Council would suggest.      Tuesday , 19 Nov 2013 Can't-miss headlines: European car sales, Namibian droughts and more News through a mining lens: European car sales improved, which is good news for platinum miners and Samsung looks for ways to cut reliance on rare earths.     Tuesday , 19 Nov 2013 Do supply and demand really still determine gold prices? Eric Sprott and John Gravelle discuss whether or not bad data might be depressing the gold price. An interview with The Gold Report.      Tuesday , 19 Nov 2013 Digesting the Mexico mining tax - Day 3 & 4 Mexican Roundup Conference attendees had a fair bit to say

Gold Mining Sector Daily News October 23, 2013: Who Needs Gold Drill Holes When You Have Eucalyptus Leaves.

TOP STORIES | Wednesday , 23 Oct 2013                                                      Who needs gold drill holes when you have Eucalyptus leaves In a new study in Nature Communications, scientists in Australia have demonstrated that Eucalyptus trees are able to absorb gold from deposits below the surface.    Wednesday , 23 Oct 2013 Gold retreats from 4-week highs as dollar steadies The metal rose nearly percent on Tuesday while the dollar index hit eight-month lows and stock markets rallied.    Wednesday , 23 Oct 2013 Gold equities lure back investors & mystery share jumps - Pre-bell notes Gold had a good day, so did equities. Question today is how do equities fare on flatter yellow metal spot?    Wednesday , 23 Oct 2013 Freeport-McMoRan 3Q earnings hit by oil-and-gas write-downs Despite higher global production and oil and gas sales, Freeport-McMoRan reported declines in third-quarter and nine-month earnings for this ye

Gold Mining Sector Daily News October 3, 2013: Gold trading or gold hoarding – which will win out?

TOP STORIES | Thursday , 03 Oct 2013                                                      Gold trading or gold hoarding – which will win out? “The old order changeth yielding place to new”- Tennyson. As the West relinquishes its gold through manipulative trading and China picks it up, the global financial order will likely move East.    Thursday , 03 Oct 2013 Gold below $1,300 proves too tempting to resist The bounce back in the gold price was quick and vigorous as prices below $1,300 proved too tempting for buyers to ignore, says Julian Phillips.    Thursday , 03 Oct 2013 QMX's golden dreams for Snow Lake mine near end The junior, QMX Gold, is selling its Snow Lake gold project to Chinese-owned nickel producer Liberty Mines.    Wednesday , 02 Oct 2013 Iamgold CEO committed to low-grade gold "I don't care who you are - we are all migrating to lower grade," Iamgold CEO, Stephen Letwin, told Reuters in an interview.

Gold Mining Sector Daily News: Septembern 09, 2013.: Pakistan lifts gold import ban

TOP STORIES | Monday , 09 Sep 2013                                                      Pakistan lifts gold import ban Meantime Pakistan sets revised rules on gold imports in new scheme recently outlined by the government.    Monday , 09 Sep 2013 Gold challenges $1,400 overhead resistance We do expect the media to focus on Syria all week, so it is important to factor in the impact such a possible attack will have on the gold price, says Julian Phillips.    Monday , 09 Sep 2013 Round table discussion on gold and silver: Sprott, Faber, Rule, Embry Investors and fund managers are invited to a webcast round table discussion on precious metals by key executives from the Sprott organisation, together with Marc Faber.    Monday , 09 Sep 2013 Gold stocks 'going to become very interesting!' - Meyer A morning meeting in London looking at precious metals and gold stocks featured some interesting presentations and discussions – in