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Gerald Celente | Trends Journal Video

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Gerald Celente : Finacial Markets and their Manipulation

Gerald Celente : The Financial Con men are in control of Wall street Posted: 12 Mar 2010 04:30 PM PST Gerald Celente: It is the Greatest Bank Robbery in world History and the Banks are doing the robbing A new report on Lehman Brothers says the bank was hiding billions of dollars in debt right before the financial crisis. Is this an indicator of widespread corruption in the United States financial sector? Is Wall Street getting away with even more shady practices? The money junkies are in control of Wall Street they will do anything to anybody to keep their fix going , they white washed the language for public consumption , Justice should be spelled  Just-us says Gerald Celente , these are financial gangs , they will bring down anything and anybody ... Gerald Celente is a respected media commentator on business and consumer trends in the US, and publisher of The Trends Journal. His presentation aims to help exporters understand the key global niche markets they should be de

Gerald Celente : On Coast to Coast, Interviewed January 27,2010- Received today, February 4, 2010