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USDZAR higher following balance of trade report | ForexTime (FXTM) 31 October By Jameel Ahmad, Global Head of Currency Strategy and Market Research at FXTM Rand stands as biggest EM loser following balance of trade report The South African Rand stands at time of writing as the biggest loser amongst emerging markets currencies today with losses of 1.56%, after South Africa’s latest balance of trade report unexpectedly showed slowing export growth. The recently-announced trade balance data for September has essentially resumed selling pressure on the Rand. The market is not pleased with the news that export growth fell by 2.6% month-on-month, with the essential factor to consider that slowing export growth at a time where the domestic economy is in a technical recession is never a positive sign for any global economy. Figures like this do suggest that external uncertainties, such as the prolonged trade tensions and warnings from respected institutions like the IMF that global growth has potentially “plateaued” is a problem

USD surges on retail data, Yen also in focus | Forex Time USD surges on retail data, Yen also in focus 15 June @ 02:35 By Alex Gurr, Guest Analyst The USD has surged against all the major currencies today on the back of robust economic data following yesterdays interest rate rise. US retail sales m/m came in strong at 0.8% (0.4% exp), showcasing that US consumers are enjoying the economic boom as of late. Adding further good news, was initial jobless claims which fell to 218K (223K exp) also showing that the labour market in the US is in good form. So you have positive retail sales, inflation above 2%, interest rate rises and a healthy labour market to top it off - things are looking really good for the US economy going forward. The question will be can this be sustained and not end up in a bubble like climate like we've seen in the past. Right now though the US economy is robust and with the fiscal benefits to be passed through over the coming year expectatio