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Forbes. com: Recovery Part Two

FORBES.COM  KEN FISHER NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY 01, 2010 Recovery, Part Two   01.21.2010, 17:40:00 EST Ken Fisher  Don't succumb to the pessimism of disbelief. The second year after a bear market is a fine time to own stocks.  Good News   01.15.2010, 16:10:00 EST Ken Fisher  This should be a great time to own stocks. But we forget long-term lessons and think about the recent past.  In Pictures: Five Fisher Buys For 2010   01.14.2010, 10:30:00 EST Ken Fisher  Fisher thinks 2010 will be another good year for stocks. Here are five of his best bets.  A Grateful Dead Year   12.31.2009, 22:40:00 EST Ken Fisher  2009 was a textbook case of how stock markets are supposed to react to  big bear markets and recessions.