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Forbes: Money: Setting Pessimists Straight. August 17th., 2010

Setting Pessimists Straight Brian S. Wesbury and Robert Stein The recession has ended, growth has returned and signs point to an acceleration in growth. Sarah Palin: The GOP's Poison Pearl Joel Kotkin If conservatives really want evidence of Palin's limitations, they only need to talk to people in her home state of Alaska.   After Life, Nothing? Melik Kaylan Tony Judt and Christopher Hitchen's stubborn atheism.   A Three-Point Plan For Reforming Public Employment Richard A. Epstein Defang unions, cut back on pensions and kill all federal bailouts to profligate states.   No Japan-Style Deflation In The U.S. John Tamny Authorities in Japan back in the '90s, and in the U.S. now, don't understand that recessions are necessary.

Forbes Money : Dr. Copper and The Pessimist

Money Dr. Copper And The Pessimists Brian S. Wesbury and Robert Stein , 05.25.10, 06:00 AM EDT The euro- and Greece-induced drop in copper prices doesn't mean we're in a double-dip recession. At the risk of sounding like conservative curmudgeons who have nothing better to do than to explain why everyone else just doesn't get it, we think one of the main problems the markets are having these days is that there is little understanding of history. The level of anxiety and negativity, by investors, pundits and many analysts, seems out of proportion to the facts. Negativity has reached such high levels that many people seem to have lost perspective. This seems true from a short-, medium- and longer-term points of view. For example, we have seen a proliferation of stories in the m