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Forbes: Financial Newsletter .- The Case For Owning Commodity Futures

The Case For Owning Commodity Futures Mark Sachs Broker argues futures are a cheap way to own gold, oil and other hard assets. 12 Hot Careers And How Much They Pay Jean Folger Make a career choice with some longevity. Find out where to look.   Four Summer Vacation Ideas On A Shoestring Budget Tisa Silver If a big vacation is not in your budget, you do not have to stay housebound. These four ideas can help you find a cheap vacation to accommodate your finances.   The Dangers Of Paying For Your Kid's College Claire Bradley We all want the best for our kids, and that includes a college education. But should you be footing the bill?   The Most Expensive Places To Go To School Bobbi Dempsey When it comes to sky-high college costs, these cities lead the pack.

Forbes : Six Surprisingly Dangerous Jobs. June 9th.2010

Six Surprisingly Dangerous Jobs Jean Folger These jobs may pay well but come with unique risks. Stocks That Buffett Is Unloading Mark Riddix How Warren Buffett is trimming his portfolio.   The Big Tax Increase Facing Small Business Dean Zerbe Hedge fund taxes get all the attention. Congress is about to raise billions in taxes on some doctors, accountants and architects.   What The Yield Curve Is Telling Investors Gregg Fisher A reliable predictor indicates growth and higher prices are ahead.   Custom Budgeting For Young Adults Stephen Simpson Percentage budgeting is a flexible way for young adults to navigate their first financial challenges and decisions

What a Rising Yuan Means for you? May 12th, 2010

What A Rising Yuan Means For You Arthur Pinkasovitch Chinese monetary policy could have huge effects on North American business and employment. Putting The Dow In Perspective Stephen Simpson This index means nothing if you don't have the proper perspective.   Five Latest Financial Scandals Remi Alli These businesses may take money from taxpayers like you.   Create Your Own Social Security Fund Reyna Gobel The government's Social Security program may not last forever--be prepared by setting up your own.   How To Tap Banks For Real Estate Loans Cassandra Toroian Buying rental property with personal, cash-collateralized loans is a smart move.

Forbes: Financial. April 26th, 2010

The Do-It-Yourself Roth Conversion Calculator Laurence J. Kotlikoff and Daniel Royer Should you convert your traditional IRA to a Roth? Often, the answer requires complicated calculations. Here's an easy way to do them. Eight Signs Of A Real Estate Rebound Amy Fontinelle How to tell if the housing market is coming back. How To Spot Mortgage Fraud Denise Finney These tips will help you avoid becoming the victim of fraud. This Week in Wall Street History Andrew Beattie Some of the worst decisions in Wall Street History. What You Need To Know About IRAs Laura F. Dogu After you grab your employer's 401(k) match, it's time to fund an IRA. But which kind is best?

Forbes: Financial: Teaching Hospitals, Ex-Residents, In Line For Billions In Tax Refunds, April 13th, 2010

Teaching Hospitals, Ex-Residents, In Line For Billions In Tax Refunds David Ivill, Ira Mirsky & Thomas Borders, McDermott Will & Emery LLP After a dozen court losses, IRS concedes old FICA cases. Thousands of doctors will be able to piggyback on hospitals' refund claims. IRS Audits Small Biz More, Big Guys Less Dean Zerbe New audit data from TRAC underscores need for a small-business taxpayer bill of rights.   Best And Worst Home Improvements For The Buck Stephane Fitch Boosting a home's value is easier--and cheaper--than you might think.   How To Pick A Real Estate Agent Stephane Fitch The most knowledgeable agents also know how to broker rentals.   How High Can Housing Go in 2010? Stephane Fitch Up modestly, but inventory, interest rates remain concerns.