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Financial Time: "In Depth", Rubin and Greenspan face crisis Inquiry, April 4th, 2010

Rubin and Greenspan face crisis inquiry By Francesco Guerrera in New York and Alan Rappeport in Washington Published: April 4 2010 22:07 | Last updated: April 4 2010 22:07 Robert Rubin, the former Treasury secretary who played a key role in financial deregulation during Bill Clinton’s presidency and who has kept a low profile since stepping down as a special adviser to Citigroup in January 2009, is to be questioned by the US financial crisis inquiry commission this week. The committee, created by Congress and given sweeping powers in May 2009, is also to question Chuck Prince, the former chief executive of Citi, as well as Alan Greenspan , former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. EDITOR’S CHOICE Finance chiefs to face crisis inquiry - Mar-31 Blog: Money Supply - Oct-07 In depth: Financial crisis inquiry commission - Jan-14 The line-up suggests the committee is narrowing the scope of its investigation ahead of a final report to Congress in December. Phil Ang

FInancial Times: Gobal Economy, March 16th, 2010

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