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Financial Issues: Why A debt-Ceiling Stalemate Could Push Reverse Repo Demand to $1.4 Trillion in the next 3 Months?

 Source: Joy Wiltermuth 6-7 minutes Record demand for the Federal Reserve’s overnight reverse repo program could touch a new milestone of $1.4 trillion by year-end, according to Barclays rates strategist Joseph Abate. That’s mainly because he sees demand for the facility climbing if debt-ceiling negotiations in Washington drag out through the fall, which could cause the already dwindling supply of Treasury bills to shrink even further. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Wednesday again  urged Congress to suspend or raise the debt limit , saying it’s most likely that “cash and extraordinary measures will be exhausted during the month of October.” The debt-ceiling talks are part of a long to-do list for U.S. lawmakers to tackle in the coming weeks, which could rattle markets, writes MarketWatch’s Victor Reklaitis. Because the Fed’s reverse repo facility still has more capacity to expand, some on Wal

News | Business | Financial Issues: Firms 'must do more' amid coronavirus complaints

3-4 minutes - Source: BBC Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Holiday refund issues were a common problem More than 3,500 complaints about financial issues relating to the coronavirus outbreak have been submitted to the financial ombudsman. The service said firms "must do more" to ensure consumers and small businesses were treated fairly. The number of complaints from small businesses, often about support loans and insurance, already outnumber the total from the last financial year. The cases are still being investigated and some might prove to be unfounded. However, the ombudsman said it expected many more issues to be raised by people