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Financial and Forex Info | U.S. Governor's Speech by Assistant Secretary Marisa Lago at the IDB Annual Meeting 2011

Calgary, Canada   As Prepared for Delivery   Good morning. On behalf of President Obama and Secretary Geithner, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Prime Minister Harper, his administration, and the people of Calgary for their hospitality.   My team and I have very much appreciated the kindness and welcome received during our visit to the province of Alberta.     Presidente Moreno, estimados colegas, es un gran placer estar aquí nuevamente con ustedes.   Today I would like to highlight three important developments since we last met a year ago in Cancun:   First, due to skillful policy management in this region, many countries have sustained a robust and rapid recovery from the global financial crisis; Second, President Obama and his Administration have launched   a new, positive strategy of engagement with the region to expand the shared benefits of our already vibrant ties, as highlighted by the Presiden

Financial And Forex Info | Treasury to Begin Orderly Wind Down of Its $142 Billion Mortgage-Backed Securities Portfolio

Treasury Will Authorize Sale of up to $10 Billion in Agency-Guaranteed Mortgage-Backed Securities per Month   Part of Continued Wind Down of Holdings Acquired as Part of the Financial Stabilization Actions in 2008 and 2009 to Help Combat the Financial Crisis   WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced that it will begin the orderly wind down of its remaining portfolio of $142 billion in agency-guaranteed mortgage-backed securities (MBS). Starting this month, Treasury plans to sell up to $10 billion in agency-guaranteed MBS per month, subject to market conditions.   “We’re continuing to wind down the emergency programs that were put in place in 2008 and 2009 to help restore market stability, and the sale of these securities is consistent with that effort,” said Mary J. Miller, Assistant Secretary for Financial Markets. “We will exit this investment at a gradual and orderly pace t

Financial And Forex Info | U.S. Department of the Treasury: Daily Treasury Long Term Rate Data

DATE LT COMPOSITE (>10 yrs) 03/01/11 4.12 03/02/11 4.18 03/03/11 4.28 03/04/11 4.22 03/07/11 4.24 03/08/11 4.28 03/09/11 4.22 03/10/11 4.12 03/11/11 4.16 03/14/11 4.12 03/15/11 4.07 03/16/11 3.98 DATE TREASURY 20-yr CMT EXTRAPOLATION FACTOR 03/01/11 4.24 N/A 03/02/11 4.30 N/A 03/03/11 4.40 N/A 03/04/11 4.34 N/A 03/07/11 4.36 N/A 03/08/11 4.41 N/A 03/09/11 4.35 N/A 03/10/11 4.25 N/A 03/11/11 4.29 N/A 03/14/11 4.25 N/A 03/15/11 4.21 N/A 03/16/11 4.11 N/A Wednesday Mar 16, 2011, 4:57 PM Treasury Long-Term Average Rate and Extrapolation Factors. Beginning February 18, 2002, Treasury ceased publication of the 30-year constant maturity series. Instead, from February 19, 2002 through May 28, 2004, Treasury published a Long-Term Average Rate, "LT>25," (not to be confused with the Long-Term Composite Rate, definitions below). In addition, Treasury published daily linear extrapolation factors that coul