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How Fast Will Identity Thieves Use Stolen Info: FTC Consumer Information - May 24, 2017

FTC Consumer Information - November 28, 2016: Renting an apartment? Be prepared for a background check

by Lisa Weintraub Schifferle Attorney, Division of Consumer & Business Education, FTC

FTC Consumer Information - April 21, 2016: Bogus Debt, Bogus Collection.

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information by Christopher Koegel

FTC Consumer Information - December 14, 2015: Your Route to Security. Your route to security | Consumer Information by Lisa Weintraub Schifferle   Setting up your home network? To keep it secure, don’t forget about your router. Why pay attention to that little box with the flashing lights? Your router lets you connect with the internet and communicate with other devices in your home. So, it’s your first line of defense in guarding against attacks by identity thieves and hackers. How can you make your router more secure? Start with these steps:

FTC Consumer Information - October 29, 2015: Free Resources for Educators

FREE resources for educators by Aditi Jhaveri Consumer Education Specialist, FTC Are you a teacher looking for online safety resources to share with your students? You’re in luck. The FTC offers FREE resources on topics including cyberbullying, using public Wi-Fi safely, advertising literacy, downloading apps, protecting personal information online, and much more. Read more >