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Dec 12, 2012

DealBook P.M. Edition (December 12, 2012).: Live Blog: DealBook's Post-Election Conference

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Andrew Ross Sorkin, left, editor-at-large of DealBook, and Jamie Dimon, chief of JPMorgan Chase, at the DealBook conference in New York.
Live Blog: DealBook's Post-Election Conference The fiscal cliff in the United States, the European debt crisis and the slowdown in China's economy have all weighed down deal-making. Our inaugural conference, "DealBook: Opportunities for Tomorrow," is exploring these challenges and possibilities.
    The Trade: When Wall Street Investors Favor Performance Over Ethics Jesse Eisinger of ProPublica says that another former employee of SAC Capital Advisors has been accused of insider trading, but the author says investors don't seem not to mind terribly, as they continue to put new money into the hedge fund in search of great returns.
    How Boulder Grew Into a Hub for Start-Ups Brad Feld, a co-founder of the mentor-driven business accelerator TechStars, answers questions about how Boulder, Colo., has grown into a hub of start-up activity since he moved there in the 1990s.
    Top Deutsche Bank Executives Caught Up in Tax Evasion Inquiry In the course of a tax-evasion inquiry, investigators are trying to determine whether Jürgen Fitschen, co-chief executive of Deutsche Bank, and Stefan Krause, the chief financial officer, played a role by signing certain tax forms.
    White Collar Watch: In Bank Settlements, Fines but No Accountability Peter J. Henning says that deferred prosecution agreements have become the norm for resolving investigations into misconduct by financial institutions, but their frequent use raises the question of whether banks have come to regard them as just another cost of doing business.
    Barclays Names Former British Regulator as Head of Compliance In the wake of a rate-rigging scandal, Barclays has appointed Hector Sants, a former chief of Britain's Financial Services Authority, as its head of compliance.
    Economic Reports Data scheduled to be released on Thursday includes weekly jobless claims, retail sales for November, the Producer Price Index for November and business inventories for October.
    Corporate Earnings Companies scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thursday include Hovnanian Enterprises and Adobe Systems.
    In the United States On Thursday, the House Financial Services Committee will conduct a hearing about the effect of the Volcker Rule on markets, businesses, investors and job creation; and a House Agriculture subcommittee will conduct a hearing about derivatives changes under the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul law.
    Overseas On Thursday, euro-area finance ministers will meet to ratify an aid payment to Greece, and European Union leaders will begin a two-day summit meeting on the future of the bloc.
    Quotation of the Day
    "In some industries, they have their wife go out and start the car for them. In my case, it's read the newspaper."
    Lloyd Blankfein, on whether he reads newspapers.


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