DealBook Today's Top Headlines - M arch 29, 2016: Private Equity Executive Accused of Faking Investments | Starwood Bidding War Escalates | ValueAct Pays a Price for Supporting Valeant.

DealBook P.M. Edition - March 24, 2016: Top Story: Plan to Rescue Puerto Rico Advances, Led by House Republicans.

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DealBook Today's Top Headlines - January 11, 2016: Chinese Stocks Plunge Again | Steven Cohen Will Be Free to Manage Outside Money in 2 Years | Yahoo's Brain Drain Shows Loss of Faith.

DealBook Today's Top Headlines - December 23, 20105: Do-It-Yourself Defense | Deal Professor Grades for the Year | Ex-Morgan Stanley Adviser Receives Probation for Data Theft

DealBook Today's Top Headlines on October 19, 2015: The Deutsche Bank Shake-Up | Challenging Private Equity Fees | Mega-Deals Test Antitrust Limits

DealBook P.M. Edition - September 17, 2015: Dealbook Highlights: Expanding in U.S., Altice Plans to Buy Cablevision for $17.7 Billion

DealBook Today's Top Headlines - September 4, 2015: Markets Slide Ahead of U.S. Jobs Report | Defense to Rest Its Case in Trial of Ex-Dewey & LeBoeuf Executives | A Third Act for Philip Falcone.

DealBook Today's Top Headlines - June 18, 2015: Wall Street Loses 'A Force of Nature' | Fitbit Valued at $4.1 Billion Before Trading Debut | Greek Exit From Euro Appears More Likely | 6 Banks Face New Limits on Mortgage Operations.

DealBook Today's Top Headlines - May 6, 2015: European Antitrust Investigation to Affect U.S. Tech Firms | Fears About Bond Market Volatility | Netflix Objects to AT&T-DirecTV Merger | Value of Celebrity Venture Capitalists.

DealBook Today's Top Headlines November : Bonus Season Likely to Disappoint | Cable Merger Puts Investors on Edge | Cyberspace's Dark Knight.