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DealBook Today's Morning News - September 13, 2016: An Unnoticed Fraud, a Balanced Merger and a Deal for Chips

  Tuesday, September 13, 2016   By Amie Tsang Let’s start the day by going through the Wells Fargo fraudulent accounts scandal, by the numbers:

DealBook | Today's Morning News - September 9, 2016: A.I.G.’s Ex-Chief on Trial, Apple Taxes, Driverless Update.

 By Amie Tsang Maurice R. Greenberg, the former chief executive of American International Group, goes to trial this week — a mere 11 years after charges were filed. Mr. Greenberg, who is known as Hank, and A.I.G.’s former chief financial officer, Howard I. Smith, are accused of:

DealBook Today's Morning News - September 2, 2016: A Chinese Mystery, Mylan’s Capitalist Nirvana, J.P. Morgan Faces Suit

 By Amie Tsang When you think of the Waldorf Astoria, you may think of its iconic architecture, its long history or even the salad invented in its kitchens. You probably don’t think of villagers and rice paddies in eastern China. But The New York Times has uncovered that some small-time merchants and villagers in Pingyang County control

DealBook | Today's Morning News on August 31, 2016

 By Amie Tsang    It’s just a drop in the bucket for Apple, with its cash pile of more than $230 billion. But the company nonetheless described the ruling by Europe that Ireland should recoup 10 years’ worth of back taxes, or about $14.5 billion, as a “ devastating blow ” to the rule of law.

DealBook | Today's Morning News - August 26, 2016: Car Trouble and a Retreat, Sort of, by Mylan

By Amie Tsang It’s been a tough year for Volkswagen’s car dealers. Cheered by the German automaker’s ambition to become a bigger player in America, they had invested millions of dollars into their franchises. As recently as 2014, dealers were paying premiums of $3 million to $4 million to buy franchises in the United States.

DealBook | Today's Morning News on August 23, 2016: Prices of Ethanol Credits Surge, Hurting Oil Refiners

By Amie Tsang “It’s a black pool of speculation that could cause bankruptcies in our sector.”