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DealBook | DealB%k Today's Top Stories -September 10, 2012-.:Treasury to Cut A.I.G. Stake Below 50%

Monday, September 10, 2012 TODAY'S TOP HEADLINES   TOP STORIES Treasury to Cut A.I.G. Stake Below 50% The Treasury Department said on Sunday that it was planning its biggest sale of shares in the American International Group to date, making the federal government a minority shareholder in the bailed-out insurer for the first time since it took control of the company four years ago. With the sale of at least $18 billion worth of shares in A.I.G., a number that could grow to $20.7 billion if investors prove enthusiastic, the Treasury Department could reduce its holdings to as little as 15 percent from 53 percent. Taking the government's stake in A.I.G. below 50 percent is the realization of a long-held goal by both the Obama administration and the company, helping to cut ties to one of the most controversial bailouts of the 2008 financial crisis. The Treasury Department expects to earn a profit on its investment in A.I.G., though it is unclear