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Credit Fraud at The Regiter: Protect yourself from credit card fraud at the register | Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

By Beverly Yang – 3-4 minutes - Source: CFPB Opening a store credit card in someone’s name without their permission is fraud. Unfortunately, older consumers have told the CFPB that they received store credit cards in the mail after refusing an offer to apply for the card at the store, or over the phone. How could this happen? These consumers may have shared their personal information, including Social Security numbers, without knowing that the cashier could use it to open a store credit card without their permission. Don’t let this happen to you. Follow these four tips for avoiding this type of fraud and protecting your credit. Step one: Don’t share your Social Security Number (SSN) unless you want to apply for new credit   If you don’t want a new credit card, don’t enter your SSN into a pin pad or write it down for a store associate. Step two: Cancel the unauthori