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USA Gold | News , Commentary and Analysis (January 7, 2013) .: Future - The gold owner's guide to 2013

Future - The gold owner's guide to 2013 by Michael J. Kosares  By the time we get to the end of 2013, we will forget much of what shaped 2012. Yet, as we look back at 2012, there are some fundamentally disheartening, if not disturbing, trends that are likely to play a determining role in all financial markets for some time to come, including the gold market. – The first is the inability of the political sector to deal with the “economic problem” on a global basis. From Jinping’s Beijing flowing west to Putin’s Moscow, from Merkel’s Berlin to Hollande’s Paris, from Cameron’s London to Obama’s D.C. and finally Abe’s Tokyo, the world’s great nation- states are locked in a web of acute and alarming political disarray. The question is no longer whether or not stability can be achieved. It is to what degree the instability can be restrained – a circumstance