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Climate Change: Barnaby Joyce on Australia’s Emissions Reduction strategy.

 Source: Katharine Murphy 8-9 minutes A landmark assessment by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – the world’s leading authority on climate science – has found that human activities are unequivocally heating the planet and causing changes not seen for centuries and in some cases thousands of years. In Australia, it found average temperatures above land had already increased by about 1.4C since 1910. Annual changes in temperature were now above what could be expected from natural variation in all regions across the continent. A regional fact sheet released alongside the report said heatwaves and dangerous fire weather had increased, the bushfire season had become longer, and marine heatwaves were more common. Sea levels were rising faster in Australia than the global average and sandy shorelines were already retreating in many areas. The prime minister, Scott Morrison, is attempting to shift

Climate Change: UN Climate Report Raises Pressure on Biden to Seize a Rare Moment.

 Source: Oliver Milman 6-7 minutes A stark UN report on how humanity has caused unprecedented, and in some cases “irreversible”, changes to the world’s climate has heaped further pressure on Joe Biden to deliver upon what may be his sole chance to pass significant legislation to confront the climate crisis and break a decade of American political inertia. The US president said the release on Monday of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report showed that “we can’t wait to tackle the climate crisis. The signs are unmistakable. The science is undeniable. And the cost of inaction keeps mounting.” The IPCC report , developed over the past eight years by scientists who combed over more than 14,000 studies, shows that the US, like the rest of the world, is running out of time to avoid disastrous climate impacts, with a critical global heating threshold of 1.5C to be breached far earlier than pr

Climate Change: Climate activists plan to block traffic in U.S. capital

Timothy Gardner 3 minutes - Source: Reuters WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Activists seeking to pressure U.S. politicians to fight climate change aim to blockade major traffic hubs in the U.S. capital on Monday, drawing attention to a U.N. Climate Summit that will be attended by leaders from about 60 countries. FILE PHOTO: Activists take part in a demonstration as part of the Global Climate Strike in Manhattan, September 20. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri Those attending the New York summit will include the leaders of small island states most at risk from rising sea levels and companies expected to make fresh pledges to cut emissions of greenhouse gases. “One thing we’ve learned is that shutting down a city is a very effective way to communicate the gravity of the climate crisis,” said Kaela Bamberger, a spokeswoman for Extinction Rebellion DC, one of the roughly two dozen groups participating. The protest, called Shut Down DC, is also backed

David Attenborough: collapse of civilisation is on the horizon I Climate Change

Damian Carrington The collapse of civilisation and the natural world is on the horizon, Sir David Attenborough has told the UN climate change summit in Poland. The naturalist was chosen to represent the world’s people in addressing delegates of almost 200 nations who are in Katowice to negotiate how to turn pledges made in the 2015 Paris climate deal into reality. As part of the UN’s people’s seat initiative, messages were gathered from all over the world to inform Attenborough’s address on Monday. “Right now we are facing a manmade disaster of global scale, our greatest threat in thousands of years: climate change,” he said. “If we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.” “Do you not see what is going on around you?” asks one young man in a video message played as part of a montage to the delegates. “We are already seeing increased impacts of climate change in China,” s