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Aug 31, 2010

WSJ : China Real Time Report : China News:Taiwan and China Work on Their Thesaurus. August 31st., 2010


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from the Wall Street Journal Online.

August 31, 2010


Taiwan and China Work on Their Thesaurus

China and Taiwan's cultural differences have grown during their years of isolation. Exhibit A: their written languages.

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China, Here Comes Fight Club

The country that brought the world martial arts is about to get a taste of American-style extreme fighting, with the introduction of the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization in Asia.

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A Mid-Autumn Gift From Wen

Premier Wen Jiabao has just given Chinese workers at Japanese factories a mid-Autumn festival gift to go along with their mooncakes. He's told their Japanese bosses to pay them more.

* * *

Was Essay a Bank Chief's Plea for Reform?

Bank of China Chairman Xiao Gang's essay, "Don't Blame the Government," reads like a veiled criticism of a financial system that naturally encourages binge lending and misallocation of resources.

* * *

Apple's Glass Temple, Made in China

The Shanghai Apple store's atrium foyer is a crystalline sign of the times: It was made entirely in China, establishing a fresh benchmark on workmanship for the world's largest glass industry.

Latest WSJ Stories from China

Macau Casinos' Profits Improve

Two of Macau's largest casino operators reported improved earnings driven by a huge rebound in gambling revenue and a more profitable arrangement with its third-party promoted casinos.

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N. Korean Pair Seen as Key to Arms Trade

A North Korean arms chief and Pyongyang's former ambassador to the U.N.'s nuclear agency allegedly have played leading roles in North Korea's development and testing of atomic weapons, and in a vast arms-trading network. - U.S. Outlines New North Korea Sanctions - Slideshow: Kim Jong Il's China Trip

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GOME Founder Loses on Appeal

A court upheld the 14-year prison sentence for the founder of Chinese retailer GOME Electrical. The founder, Huang Guangyu, meanwhile threatened to sever contracts between stores he owns and GOME.

* * *

Hon Hai, Unit Offer Contrast

Hon Hai said first-half net profit rose 22% but its Foxconn unit posted a wider loss.

* * *

Motorola Makes China Push

Motorola unveiled a smartphone version of its handsets featuring a Chinese handwriting technology. Motorola is seeking to make a comeback in China.

* * *

China Warns Japan Firms on Wages

China's Wen bluntly warned Japan that its companies operating in China should raise pay for their workers. - China Real Time: A Mid-Autumn Gift From Wen



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