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Real Estate: Where can I Move that has Cheap Houses?

Source: I live in Seattle, but it’s overrun with tech workers. Where can I move that has cheap homes — and fast internet speeds? Jacob Passy 7-9 minutes I read your previous columns, and guessed it can’t hurt to ask. I live in Seattle with my wife and grandson, but the city is now more of a playground for high-tech workers, and we would like to take our equity and buy some older lumber somewhere. We do like Seattle, primarily because we have family out here, so an airport would come in handy if we did move. We also have a fair amount of equity built up, which is another great thing about Seattle. Here’s what got me thinking: Yesterday, we were talking to an estate planner and he mentioned Omak, Wash. We have a family member with a terminal illness and would like to get into a rambler making access easier — and hopefully we would have a smaller mortgage in the process. The lawyer said that Seattle