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Mar 9, 2018

Census. gov: Monthly Wholesale Trade -March 9, 2018.

Monthly Wholesale Trade

Nicole Davis, Monthly Wholesale Trade Survey, EID

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Intention to Revise: Monthly Wholesale sales, inventories, and inventories-to-sales ratios will be revised to reflect the introduction of a new sample, new seasonal factors, the introduction of 2012 NAICS, and the results of the 2016 Annual Wholesale Trade Survey. Revised adjusted and not adjusted estimates are scheduled to be released on our website on May 25, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. EDT. For further information on the new sample, see our FAQs.
New: The Annual Wholesale Trade Survey (AWTS) is no longer shared with the Monthly Wholesale Trade Survey (MWTS) on the U.S. Census Bureau website. Please update your bookmarks to the link embedded above.
API: The URL for the economic indicators data in the Census Bureau API (Application Programming Interface ) has been updated to add /timeseries/. Examples can be found on the Developers' webpage.

Release Schedule

The February 2018 Monthly Wholesale Trade Report is scheduled for release on April 10, 2018. Click here to access the 2017/2018 Release Schedule PDF [179 kb].

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