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CNN Morning Markets | Today's Trading February 12, 2014.

Morning Markets Today's Trading: What you need to know Stocks: Perky on U.S. debt deal, China Fading concern about emerging markets and progress towards a debt ceiling deal in Washington could make for a fifth day of stock market gains Wednesday. Marissa Mayer: Yahoo isn't done with search Marissa Mayer is a strong believer in human curiosity. Lithium Technologies to buy Klout It seems money really can buy you influence. 3 problems Congress should stop asking the Fed to solve Fed Chair Janet Yellen visited Capitol Hill today, offering a perfect time to break out three problems that, for whatever reason, Congress has convinced itself the Fed has a responsibility to address. Meet CNNMoney's new Tech 30 stock index CNNMoney has created a portfolio of the 30 most important technology stocks on the planet that you can track every day. AOL's stock and 'distressed babies' CEO Tim Armstrong proposed benefit cuts as the online media giant has its mo