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CNBC Evening Brief: SEC Probing Deal Between JPMorgan and Hedge Fund

LATEST STORIES SEC Probing Deal Between JPMorgan and Hedge Fund After the Fed and Election: What's Next for Wall Street? GM Hopes to Raise Over $10 Billion in Common Stock Cramer: The Only 2 Ways to Play Tuesday's Elections Valliere: Seven Major Post-Election Themes »click here to see the latest top stories from Decision 2010: Your Money, Your Vote Special Coverage Tomorrow Starting 7:00PM ET This election night, when the economy is topic A, CNBC is the choice for the first word on the results that will shift the balance of power from coast to coast. Only CNBC has the expert analysis and perspective from corporate and political powerbrokers on the changes impacting your money and your bottom line. »more info LATEST VIDEO Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer shares his market insight and stock picks with CNBC's Erin Burnett. » Watch Video