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CNBC Reports October 8, 2013: Rise Above: The Debt threat

Rise Above: The Debt Threat Continuing Coverage on CNBC A stand-off in Washington…the economy and the markets caught in the stalemate. With the government shutdown and debt ceiling deadline looming, who’s standing in the way of getting a deal done? All week, CNBC takes you beyond the talk and politics in search of the answers that could move America forward. Alert: Tune-in at 2pm ET as President Obama delivers a statement from the Brady Press Briefing Room.   White House open to short-term debt deal The White House signaled it would accept even a brief extension in borrowing authority to prevent an unprecedented default.   » Read more Six dangerous myths about the debt ceiling With Congress dragging its feet on raising the debt ceiling, there are a lot of silly ideas making the rounds of blogs—and the halls of Congress. Here are six of the most dangerous misconceptions being offered by those who doubt the severity of the havoc a