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CBSNEWS: Daily News Summary: Poll: GOP's 2012 contenders unknown, unloved

April 21, 2011 | DAILY NEWS SUMMARY CBS NEWS TOP STORIES Poll: GOP's 2012 contenders unknown, unloved CBS News/New York Times Poll shows little enthusiasm for potential candidates thus far - even from Republicans Read full story 2 journalists are first American deaths in Libya Oscar-nominated director and a Getty photographer killed, 2 other journalists wounded in Misrata attack  Complete Coverage Read full story Greg Mortenson could face $20M in back taxes Memo warned bestselling author could conceivably be liable for as much as $23 million; Charity says he received no excess benefits Read full story UK: NATO not creeping toward Libya ground war PM Cameron says coalition won't deploy ground troops, despite several countries sending military advisers to aid rebels Read full story Gulf oil rig's survivors struggle one year later Nightmares, post-traumatic stress disorder haunt some survivors, vict