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Huckabee: Media hiding truth of 9/11 attacks

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES         Huckabee: Media hiding truth of 9/11 attacks Former presidential candidate goes on offensive after being criticized for selling Sept. 11 educational video for kids Read full story Kucinich woos Washington state ahead of 2012 Congressman Dennis Kucinich has made a number of trips to Washington State this year, where he may run for office if his Ohio district is drawn out of existence Read full story DC reporters tweet their way through debt debate Washington Unplugged: CBS' Nancy Cordes chats with Sam Youngman, Dave Weigel and Olivier Knox about their tweets during the debt debate on Capitol Hill Read full story Analysis: Wall St. & Main St. lose faith in D.C. The debt crisis has undermined people's confidence in their leaders' ability to get anything done for the economy Read full story Obama promises job market "will get better&q

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES: Fire alarm interrupts Romney in Iowa Burned popcorn sets off alarms at Romney event Read full story

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES         Fire alarm interrupts Romney in Iowa Burned popcorn sets off alarms at Romney event Read full story Tiffany & Co.: Gingrich loan standard deal Jewelry co. says "nothing unusual" about credit loan with Gingrich, did not lobby committee on which Callista Gingrich served Read full story For 2012 candidates, a holiday weekend in Iowa As Sarah Palin kicks off bus tour back east, Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney play retail politics in Hawkeye State Read full story Bachmann feels "calling" to run for president Noting a "calling and tugging" on her heart, Minnesota representative all but announces intention to run for president Read full story Romney says he'll compete in Iowa The current frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination plans to stay relevant in the early-nominating state, but may invest mor

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES Saturn To Launch Political Campaign In June

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES         Santorum to launch presidential campaign in June Former sen. Rick Santorum expected to kick off his presidential campaign on June 6 near Pennsylvania coal mines Read full story Sarah Palin to launch bus tour In another sign she may enter the GOP presidential race, Palin is launching a nationwide bus tour Read full story Vermont governor signs single-payer health law Vermont set to become first state to take step; governor calls fixing health care an "economic and fiscal imperative" Read full story Poll: Herman Cain not far behind Romney, Palin A new Gallup poll shows Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin remain the presumed frontrunners in the GOP presidential race, but little-known Herman Cain ties for third Read full story Why a Palin run would help other GOP 2012 nominees Conservative Sarah Palin's entrance into the GOP presidential contest wou

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES: House Schedules Vote On Raising The Debt Limit

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES       House schedules vote on raising the debt limit Republican leaders in the House schedule vote, expecting bill to fail and prove that conditions for deficit reduction are necessary Read full story Obama flubs in guest book, dates visit "2008" President Obama may have been reminiscing about a good year when visiting Westminster Abbey in London today Read full story Netanyahu aims to prevent UN vote on Palestine Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu echoes many of Obama's ideas in a speech before Congress; Fears of a U.N. vote on Palestine loom Read full story Stimulus tax cheats? Sharyl Attkisson: Taxpayers are getting ripped off to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars by companies that received stimulus funds Read full story Heckler interrupts Netanyahu speech to Congress Woman screams "equal rights for Palestinians!" before bein

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES: President Obama's Middle East speech (full text)

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES         President Obama's Middle East speech (full text) In a speech today, Obama said the future of the U.S. is bound to the Middle East and North Africa by economics, security, history and fate Read full story Poll: Few think bin Laden was greeted by virgins Just 3 percent of Americans think the 9/11 mastermind is enjoying the company of virgins after his death, a Fox News poll shows Read full story Senator says young people lack "social values" West Virginia Democrat tells Facebook representative that lack of social values speaks to company's lack of focus on privacy Read full story Palin slams "lamestream media" over Gingrich Former Alaska governor says candidates must be ready for "gotcha trip-up questions," calls for Tea Party candidate in 2012 election Read full story Is Newt Gingrich too "radical" for Re

CBS Political Hotsheet Top Stories: Health waivers in Pelosi's district upset right

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES         Health waivers in Pelosi's district upset right Critics say the large number of health reform waivers granted in Democratic House leader's district is example of corruption; officials say they simply applied Read full story Santorum: McCain "doesn't understand" torture GOP presidential hopeful says former prisoner of war John McCain "doesn't understand how enhanced interrogation works" Read full story Report: Gingrich owed up to $500,000 to Tiffany Financial disclosure forms show Republican presidential candidate had six-figure credit card debt to jewelry company Read full story Clinton: Obama says he'll win re-election At global development event, Secretary of State remarks on president's optimism for re-election Read full story Angry voter confronts Newt Gingrich Republican presidential candidate takes hea

CBS Political Hotsheet Top Stories: WH Adviser: Job Creation " Paramount Isuue"

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES WH adviser: Job creation "paramount issue" In preview of Obama's town hall with CBS News, Austan Goolsbee cites economic improvements, need for continued investments Read full story Clinton: China on "fool's errand" to stop history Secretary of state says China has "deplorable" human rights record, says nation is trying to "stop history" Read full story Boehner to Pakistan: "Are we real allies?" House Speaker says it's time to answer questions about U.S.-Pakistan relationship Read full story Appeals court likely to uphold health care law Administration gets a big break in Va. case because the judges on the federal appeals panel will all be appointed by Democrats Read full story Hasidic paper regrets editing Clinton from photo Der Zeitung said it edited women out of iconic photograph because of relig

CBS Political Hotsheet Top Stories: Clinton on intense photo: Blame it on allergies?

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES         Clinton on intense photo: Blame it on allergies? Secretary of state says she has "no idea" what she's looking at in iconic photo, is "sheepishly concerned" she was preventing a cough Read full story National Day of Prayer sparks prayer, protests After legal controversy, many expected to gather to mark National Day of Prayer, but some atheists protest Read full story Obama: We meant what we said by "never forget" President salutes firefighters during visit to New York at firehouse that sustained heaviest losses on 9/11 Read full story Five reasons why tonight's GOP debate matters Jan Crawford: Many top contenders are skipping the debate in S.C., but it still could have a big impact in a key state in the 2012 race Read full story

CBS Political Hotsheet top Stories

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES         Biden touts plan to curb sexual violence In remarks at University of New Hampshire, Biden, Duncan, introduce new guidelines to help schools better protect students from sexual violence Read full story How good are Obama's re-election chances? A potentially weak GOP field and improving economy have president well-positioned for reelection - but the road ahead isn't easy Read full story Obama seeks to bring in big bucks for 2012 The president knows it will take big sums of money to get re-elected, and his campaign is ready to rake in the cash Read full story Obama faces two opponents as he begins 2012 run Analysis: As president faces off against congressional Republicans and 2012 challengers, he will seek to stay above the fray Read full story Michele Bachmann inches toward 2012 run Tea Party-linked lawmaker's