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CBS News Top Stories: Jobless rate down to 8.6%

CBS NEWS TOP STORIES Jobless rate down to 8.6% Unemployment rate falls to lowest since March 2009, as employers added 120K jobs in November - but 315K gave up looking for work Read full story Pakistan denies it knew of strikes Pakistan's army flatly rejects claim by U.S. officials that they were warned of pending strikes which left 24 Pakistani troops dead Read full story Does the Tea Party still matter? Lacking the energy of 2010 - or a presidential candidate to call its own - the Tea Party hopes to make an impact once again Read full story Calif. cleans up after violent windstorms Hundreds of thousands without power in Calif.; Emergencies declared in some communities as slow cleanup begins Read full story Senate rejects payroll tax cut extensions Many Republicans, and even some Democrats, say the payroll tax cut espoused by Obama hasn't helped create jobs Read full story U.S. hands iconi

CBS NEWS TOP STORIES: Occupy Wall St.'s drumbeat grows louder

October 10, 2011 | DAILY NEWS SUMMARY CBS NEWS TOP STORIES Occupy Wall St.'s drumbeat grows louder Protests continue to gain momentum nationwide; "You can only kick people so long before they react," ex-Senator says Read full story Violence grips Cairo for a 2nd day Coptic Christians clash with security forces again after 24 killed in weekend protests against military's rule Read full story The Jobs Czar: Jeffrey Immelt GE's CEO Jeff Immelt says he can help President Obama solve America's biggest domestic problem: unemployment Read full story Food safety sacrificed to fight terrorism? Agricultural inspectors re-purposed when Homeland Security Department created, allowing a full-on pest invasion Read full story NFL super agent Drew Rosenhaus He doesn't put on pads, but Drew Rosenhaus may be the most important player in football, or so he thinks Read full story Paul McCartne

CBS NEWS TOP STORIES: Gov't: No quick fix for leaky nuclear reactors

June 22, 2011 | DAILY NEWS SUMMARY   CBS NEWS TOP STORIES Gov't: No quick fix for leaky nuclear reactors GAO says power companies stumped on how to detect underground leaks as AP report sparks calls for congressional investigation Read full story Health care quirk grants middle-class Medicaid AP: Obama administration admits anomaly buried deep in reform legislation, says it will look for a fix Read full story N. Ireland riots continue, journalist shot Other media members say gunman fired at them during 2nd night of violent sectarian clashes in Belfast Read full story Storms cause nightmare for Chicago commuters Severe weather forces cancellation of hundreds of flights, leaves passenger trains stranded for hours Read full story Can you tell autopen from Obama's real signature? Check out a side by side view of Obama's real signature and a bill that became law via the work of a mechanical device Rea

CBS NEWS TOP STORIES: Giffords set for skull replacement surgery

CBS NEWS TOP STORIES Giffords set for skull replacement surgery With astronaut husband in space, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords takes next step in recovery from gunshot wound to the brain Read full story Officials: Strauss-Kahn on suicide watch in jail IMF head accused of sexual assault is being closely monitored, prison officials claim, but has not tried to harm himself Read full story Mississippi River reopened to commercial traffic Vital flow of goods restored on swollen river, but at slowest speeds possible to limit stress on levees  Photos Read full story Shuttle Endeavour docks with Space Station Making final journey - and next-to-last flight of NASA's shuttle era - Endeavour arrives at International Space Station Read full story Gingrich showered with glitter by protester Gay rights supporter dumps colorful confetti on GOP presidential hopeful at Minneapolis book-signing Read full story Sugar Ray Le

CBS News Top Sories : Libya strike levels part of Qaddafi's compound

March 21, 2011 | DAILY NEWS SUMMARY CBS NEWS TOP STORIES Libya strike levels part of Qaddafi's compound Initial coalition effort to take out Qaddafi's air defenses successful as Rebels morale boosted by assault Read full story Pentagon: Qaddafi forces in disarray Libyan strongman not target of campaign, but U.S. not guaranteeing his safety, senior military official says Read full story Japan's catastrophe and the disaster that awaits "60 Minutes" correspondent Scott Pelley reports from the disaster zone |  More coverage of Japan's nuclear crisis Read full story N.C.'s big basketball schools survive squeakers Duke, North Carolina, win close ones to make Sweet 16; Joined by 11 seeds Marquette and VCU  |  Slideshow |  More coverage Read full story Unusual number of harp seals land on U.S. shores More than 100 harp seals show up in New England; scientists reach for explanations Re