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CBS NEWS | Political Hotsheet Top Stories

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES Hotsheet Live: Voters want more transparency In Friday roundtable, panelists reflect on voters' frustrations with the 2012 election cycle Read full story House passes student loan bill GOP-led House passes bill to extend low student loan interest rates after heated debate on repealing women's health funds Read full story Amid GOP attacks, Obama touts bin Laden mission In the wake of GOP attacks on his presidential accomplishments, Obama plays trump card: The killing of Osama bin Laden Read full story Republicans prepare action against Eric Holder House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chair Darrell Issa plans to issue a contempt citation against Eric Holder Read full story WH threatens veto on loan bill over health repeal Administration says Obama would veto House version of student loan bill because it would repeal part of Obama's health c

CBS News | Political Hotsheet Top Stories: Herman Cain: "I am the Koch brothers' brother"

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES         Herman Cain: "I am the Koch brothers' brother" Republican presidential candidate embraces controversial Koch brothers in Americans for Prosperity address Read full story Analysis: Accusations not Cain's biggest problem John Dickerson: Forget the sexual harassment story -- the Cain campaign has more fundamental problems Read full story Doctors say "personhood" initiative is dangerous Physicians say initiative declaring a fertilized egg a person, likely to pass next week in Mississippi, puts them at risk Read full story Obama confident in Europe's economic recovery At the G20 summit in Cannes, President Obama says, "We've moved the ball forward" Read full story Cain did not sign restaurant agreement in 1999 National Restaurant Association signed deal with woman who has accused Cain of sexual harassment and her

CBS News | Political Hotsheet Top Stories: Ron Paul: Save $1T by scrapping five departments

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES         Ron Paul: Save $1T by scrapping five departments Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul lays out a libertarian plan to cut the federal budget by $1 trillion in just one year Read full story Study finds harsh media coverage for Obama President treated more negatively by news outlets than his Republican rivals, Pew Research Center finds Read full story Obama pushes jobs plan in key election states The president on Monday embarks on a three-day bus tour to promote his jobs plan in two states that will be critical to his re-election Read full story Cain says Mexican border fence idea was a joke Businessman promises troops, says fence with sign saying it will kill you is "not a serious plan" Read full story GOP candidates step in to end calendar chaos Candidates themselves are calling for calm and threatening to boycott one of the states that

CBS NEWS | Political Hotsheet Top Stories: Cain seeks to "continue the momentum"

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES         Cain seeks to "continue the momentum" At an event in Florida, the newly minted frontrunner says he's prepared for the added scrutiny accorded top-tier contenders Read full story Rubio: On VP, "The answer's going to be no" Florida Sen. says he'd say no to the VP spot on the 2012 GOP presidential ticket, calls on Republicans to stop being the "anti-illegal immigration party" Read full story Occupy Wall Street: The scene on the ground Protesters have a variety of individual demands, but the unifying theme is anger at the economic system that benefits the rich Read full story Daley: Politics is uncivil like reality TV The nation is divided, and the American people are "stressed out" and the political season is "extremely volatile," Daley said at the Third Annual Ideas Forum Read full story Vla

CBS NEWS | Political Hotsheet Top Stories: Nobody is "qualified" to be president:

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES         Nobody is "qualified" to be president Dan Farber: No candidate can fully prepare for the velocity, complexity and gravity of issues and decisions that must be made as president Read full story Iowa officials say they think Perry is no racist Republican officials in Iowa say he deserves benefit of doubt that he painted over a racial slur on a rock near hunting cabin Read full story Senate pressures China on currency valuation Congress to debate bill pressuring China to stop deliberately undervaluing its currency Read full story All eyes on Chris Christie as clock ticks With New Jersey governor just days away from a decision on presidential bid, speculation continues Read full story 2012: Disenfranchised voters, hacked machines? Report finds up to five million will have harder time voting due to GOP voting reform efforts; experts show off voti

CBS NEWS | Political Hotsheet Top Stories: Obama owns "Obamacare" on bus tour: "I do care

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES         Obama owns "Obamacare" on bus tour: "I do care" In first stop on Midwestern bus tour, Obama says it's fine with him if Republicans want to "be the folks who don't care" Read full story Cain: I'd be "ecstatic" with 5th place in Iowa GOP presidential contender pins hopes on making it to top five in early states Read full story Obama embarks on bus tour to sell his agenda The president is spending three days in the Midwest on campaign-style trip designed to sell his economic plans Read full story Secret Service gets 2 buses ahead of Obama tour New buses not bought specifically for this trip; will serve in the fleet of vehicles used for all Secret Service protectees Read full story Virginia governor gets new national platform Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell will have a new

CBS NEWS | Political Hotsheet Top Stories: Sarah Palin, I saw S&P downgrade coming

The Drive: A big week for Michele Bachmann Bachmann's Newsweek cover makes waves as Rick Perry preps a presidential announcement and Tim Pawlenty goes all in on straw poll Read full story Rick Perry to speak in Iowa on Sunday The Texas governor, who is expected to announce his entrance into the presidential race soon, will deliver remarks at an Iowa fundraiser Read full story Sarah Palin: I saw S&P downgrade coming In lengthy Facebook post, former Alaska governor blasts Obama, says she warned of America's credit downgrade Read full story Obama pays tribute to fallen troops at Dover President visits Air Force base in Delaware as remains of 30 troops killed in Afghanistan over the weekend return to the U.S. Read full story Romney camp: Obama team's tactics "disgraceful" Amid reports that Obama campaign plans to "destroy" potential

CBS NEWS | Political Hotsheet Top Stories: Gingrich: "Big ideas" led to campaign defections

CBS POLITICAL HOTSHEET TOP STORIES         Gingrich: "Big ideas" led to campaign defections GOP presidential hopeful says staff left because of "different" philosophies; acknowledges ups and downs of campaigns Read full story Did the Palin bus tour run out of gas? Sarah Palin's "One Nation" tour is apparently on hold as questions arise (again) about former VP nominee's intentions Read full story Obama to say "surge" troops out by 2012 election Obama to say about 10,000 troops to withdraw this year and roughly 20,000 additional troops are expected to leave by Sept, 2012 Read full story Boehner cautions against sharp troop withdrawal Top Republican says he would back Obama if he listens to military, diplomatic officials advising on Afghanistan Read full story Dem Hastings faces probe for alleged harassment Conservative group says independent Office of C