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CBS Evening News with Kate Courik

EVENING NEWS TOP STORIES       Hi everyone, It shouldn't happen once. But now it's happened seven times - air traffic controllers, asleep in the tower. Today, the man who runs the nation's air traffic control system was ousted from his job. Wyatt Andrews has that story. And Armen Keteyian reports that key employees falling asleep "at the switch" is a growing concern among safety experts. The next big battle in Congress will be over raising the nation's debt ceiling. Anthony Mason explains why this really is a big deal. If the government can't borrow more money, it could default on some payments, with potentially disastrous results. This is Day 100 of the 112th Congress, which features a large number of freshman lawmakers. With one big budget fight under their belts and another looming, we'll check in to see how they're doing - and how they feel about their new jobs. The Libyan rebels say they could defea