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CBS Breaking News: June unemployment rate unchanged at 8.2%; 80,000 jobs added

July 06, 2012 June unemployment rate unchanged at 8.2%; 80,000 jobs added   The U.S. economy added 80,000 jobs in June, with the unemployment rate remaining unchanged at 8.2 percent.

CBS Breaking News: U.S. closes embassy in Damascus

U.S. closes embassy in Damascus ----------------------------------------------------------------- The Obama administration has closed the U.S. Embassy in Damascus and pulled all American diplomats out of Syria. Officials say Ambassador Robert Ford and other diplomats left Syria on Monday. It's the most dramatic U.S. move so far after 11 months of a violent crackdown on dissent by President Bashar Assad's regime. The embassy, located on a busy intersection in the heart of the city, is the most lightly protected in the region. But concerns about its vulnerability soared after three recent bombings in the city, at least two of which were suicide attacks. READ MORE:

CBS NEWS : sarah Palin not running for president

CBS Breaking News Sarah Palin is not running for president. The candidate, who inspired months of speculation regarding a possible presidential bid, announced her decision in an interview Wednesday with conservative radio host Mark Levin. Palin told Levin that family considerations were among those that played into the decision-making process. "Family does come first," she told Levin. Read More: