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CBS NEWS | Daily News Summary: Racy emails lead Iraq ambassador pick to yank name

June 19, 2012 | DAILY NEWS SUMMARY   CBS NEWS TOP STORIES Racy emails lead Iraq ambassador pick to yank name Brett McGurk withdraws from consideration after missives with female reporter sent while he was married come to light Read full story Clemens case latest loss in rough ride for Holder Not guilty verdict comes after failure in John Edwards case, and as Holder in GOP cross-hairs over "Fast and Furious" scandal Read full story Sandusky team may allege police coached witnesses Defense expected to call at least a dozen witnesses, some of whom may attack credibility of ex-coach's accusers Read full story Frank Luntz on successful campaign ads This year's presidential race is expected to be the most expensive ever. GOP strategist Frank Luntz speaks to Erica Hill and Charlie Rose about the projected spending and how a campaign can get its money's worth from advertisements. Read full story

CBS News | Daily News Summary: Syrian forces shell Homs as troops mass

February 21, 2012 | DAILY NEWS SUMMARY CBS NEWS TOP STORIES Syrian forces shell Homs as troops mass Activists say several neighborhoods in opposition-held town hammered by artillery as gov't appears poised for ground strike Read full story Santorum's lead in Michigan shrinking? Week before key primary, polls show Mitt Romney may be regaining some ground, but Santorum still on top, Gingrich still trails Read full story U.S. probes alleged Quran burning Afghans protest at U.S.'s Bagram base after top commander apologizes for religious materials being "improperly disposed of" Read full story Fact Check: Pols swerve on auto bailout Obama takes more credit than due for saving Detroit, GOP candidates try to explain opposition to bailout as big primary looms Read full story Official: Guards aided cartel prison break Corruption displayed as members of Zetas drug gang escape Mexico prison, 44 riva

CBS NEWS | Daily News Summary: Businesses use more automation, fewer workers.

July 22, 2011 | DAILY NEWS SUMMARY   CBS NEWS TOP STORIES Heat wave smothers US with triple-digit temps Sweltering combination of heat, humidity from Kan. to Mass. results in melting forecasts along East Coast Read full story Report: U.S. readying News Corp. subpoenas WSJ says Justice Dept. will seek evidence of alleged 9/11 victim hacking; FBI reportedly studying Jude Law claim Read full story NFL owners okay deal, but lockout lingers Players decide not to vote right away on decade-long agreement approved by owners, complain it's "being shoved down our throats" Read full story Senate to dispense with long-shot GOP debt plan As Aug. 2 debt deadline looms, lawmakers must deal with doomed House plan then quickly refocus on bipartisan talks Read full story Kate Middleton dress exhibit already big hit More than 127,000 tickets sold at about $29 each; Also on display are Kate's shoes, earrings a

CBSNEWS | Daily News Summary: Doctors clear Giffords to attend shuttle launch

April 25, 2011 | DAILY NEWS SUMMARY CBS NEWS TOP STORIES Doctors clear Giffords to attend shuttle launch Mark Kelly, Rep. Giffords' husband, tells Katie Couric in exclusive interview to air Monday how his wife is progressing Preview Read full story Mt. Athos: A visit to the Holy Mountain "60 Minutes" gets extremely rare access to the monasteries at Mt. Athos Video  Photos Read full story Latest WikiLeaks target: Guantanamo Bay Several media outlets release reports on Guantanamo Bay from another large, once-classified cache of WikiLeaks documents Read full story Colorado bomb suspect recently out of prison Authorities identify man in attempted bomb plot as Earl Albert Moore, say he should be considered dangerous Read full story NATO targets more of Qaddafi's command center Tripoli compound hit by airstrikes; Regime continues rocket attacks on rebel-held Misrata Read full story Un