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CBS Daily News Summary: Dominique Strauss-Kahn case crumbling?

  July 01, 2011 | DAILY NEWS SUMMARY CBS NEWS TOP STORIES Dominique Strauss-Kahn case crumbling? Sources say prosecution has serious doubts over maid's credibility, will seek major reduction in bail   Accuser now center-stage Read full story Firefighters confident Los Alamos safe from fire Even as massive blaze creeps into canyon above national nuclear lab and evacuated town, officials say threat "pretty limited" Read full story Panetta inherits full plate of Pentagon woes Short trip from CIA to Dept. of Defense, but incoming Secretary faces plenty of new, daunting challenges Read full story Chavez had cancerous tumor removed in Cuba Doctors in Cuba performed emergency surgery on Venezuelan president Read full story Anthony defense rests, prosecution begins rebuttal Defense attempted to poke holes in Casey Anthony prosecution, but didn't seem to bolster own theories Read full story

CBS Daily News Summary: Why is Congress a millionaires club?

June 30, 2011 | DAILY NEWS SUMMARY CBS NEWS TOP STORIES Why is Congress a millionaires club? Just 1% of Americans are millionaires, compared to 46% of Congress, thanks to Washington rules and campaign realities Read full story ISAF: Afghan hotel attack suspect killed Western military alliance pins brazen siege on Pakistan-based Haqqani network, says top member killed in strike Read full story U.S. terror fight to focus on "surgical" hits Obama administration presents new strategy to swap big, costly land battles for pinpointed raids and strikes Read full story Poll: Many say economy is in permanent decline CBS News/N.Y. Times survey finds four in ten Americans say economy won't fully recover; more pessimism about economic direction Read full story Los Alamos lab still on hold; Gov't monitors air Firefighters make progress against New Mexico blaze; Nothing abnormal detected in smoke near n