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CBS Evening News with Kate Couric: Obama's goal: Cut deficit by $4 trillion over 12 years

EVENING NEWS TOP STORIES         Hi everyone, President Obama says he can reduce the federal debt by $4 trillion over 12 years by cutting spending, while raising taxes for the wealthiest Americans. His proposal is just the latest salvo in what promises to be a long war over government spending. Chip Reid examines the plan, while Anthony Mason explains the debate over raising the nation's debt ceiling. Elaine Quijano reports on a chilling story in Newburgh, New York. A young mother drove her minivan into the Hudson River, killing herself and three of her children. A fourth child, who's 10, survived by climbing out of the window, and swimming to shore. It's happened again. Another air traffic controller, apparently asleep in the tower-this time in Reno, NV. That word comes as the Transportation Department announced plans to add more controllers to overnight shifts. Wyatt Andrews reports. States spend $50 billion each year on priso

CBS | EveningNews with Kate Couric: Rising fuel prices send ripples through the economy

EVENING NEWS TOP STORIES         Hi everyone, As Americans keep getting squeezed at the pump, our team of correspondents is taking a long, hard look at how rising fuel prices send ripples through the economy - including higher prices for food and consumer goods. Could this doom the economic recovery? Today, we get to see the fine print of that budget deal that was struck late Friday night. Nancy Cordes takes a magnifying glass to the agreement, to see which programs will be cut and by how much. For a while, it looked like a cease-fire deal had been worked out in Libya. Muammar Qaddafi seemed to agree to conditions set out by the African Union. But the rebels said no dice. They want all the Qaddafis out, period. Allen Pizzey is with the rebels in Benghazi. Polo may be the sport of kings - but it can be played by anyone. Our Steve Hartman tonight introduces you to only inner-city, African-American polo team in the country. Katie Couric Couri

CBS | Evening News with Kate Couric

EVENING NEWS TOP STORIES       Hi everyone, This is Harry Smith. Katie's on assignment. They're playing a high-stakes game of chicken in Washington. House Republicans and the White House have until Friday to reach an agreement on a budget deal, or the government could shut down - neither side is giving in. Chip Reid will have the latest on the ongoing budget battle. Meanwhile, a group of Republicans led by Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin came out with a long-term budget proposal that changes the formula for Medicare, Social Security and a host of other programs-with an eye toward eliminating more than $5 trillion in federal spending over ten years. Nancy Cordes examines Ryan's blueprint. The details surrounding the murder of Malcolm X have always been murky. And now a new book by the late historian Manning Marable asserts that at least one of his killers was never charged and has been hiding in plain sight. National Correspondent Jim