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Business in Vancouver | BIV Today's Business News -November 13, 2012-.: Mall sales scarcity forces owners to innovate; More law firm mega-mergers on table; HootSuite's new business Facebook features

Real Estate and Development Mall sales scarcity forcing owners to reinvest or expand Deloitte Real Estate’s recent Crane Survey highlights a trend in retail mall ownership ... READ MORE Law   Fraser Milner Casgrain partners discuss mega-merger Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP partners are meeting today to discuss merging with ...  READ MORE Technology   HootSuite launches business-focused Facebook features HootSuite announced this morning that it has added to its dashboard two new Facebook features that ...  READ MORE More News...     Vancouver’s Q3 construction price increases lower than Canadian average BioteQ revenue up 29% year-to-date App startup travels different path than usual revenue approach