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Barnaby Joyce's understanding of Kmart needs an update | Brigid Delaney | Opinion I The Guardian Brigid elaney It was 2 January and Kmart New Finds – an Instagram page dedicated to new Kmart products – posted a picture of $29 Italian marble side tables. “Genuine Marble” it said on the post, with a picture of the box (the account is not affiliated with Kmart, it is run by Kmart fans). I stared at my screen. How can a marble table be $29? What a freakish bargain! What was the catch? Would they support the weight of a coffee cup? Did small children in Myanmar mine the marble? Why did it look so good and cost so little? The comments below the post were of the “OMG!!!” variety. “Genuine Kmart Marble Tops!!!!!!” “Please please please can we find somewhere for one of these?” I rushed to a Kmart on the outskirts of Geelong, only to find that the tables had sold out the day they arrived in store. Around me were other women with their phones out – looking for the $39 Butterfly Chair or the Sc