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Brexit weekly briefing: May delays and dashes off to save the deal

Jon Henley Welcome to the Guardian’s weekly Brexit briefing, essential reading now more than ever as the wheels come off the bus. If you would like to receive it as a weekly email, please sign up here . And you can catch our monthly Brexit Means … podcast here . Finally, producing the Guardian’s independent, in-depth journalism takes time and money. We do it because we believe our perspective matters and it may be yours, too. If you value our Brexit coverage, please become a Guardian supporter . Thank you. Top stories Well, nobody saw that coming (much). Despite sending her ministers out the selfsame morning to insist it would go ahead, Theresa May delayed the scheduled meaningful vote on her Brexit deal in the face of overwhelming opposition , mainly to the Northern Ireland backstop . She then set off on a last-minute dash round EU capitals including The Hague (yes, I know, that’s actually a seat of government), Berlin and Brussels in search of concessions she