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U.K. Politics | Brexit News: Brexit vote postponed: Here's what could happen now

Matt Clinch 4-5 minutos - Source: CNBC Despite being billed as “Super Saturday,” a special parliamentary session in the House of Commons offered little detail on when, or even if, Britain will finally exit the European Union. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was thwarted by a cross-party group of politicians who voted to postpone the “meaningful vote” on his new divorce deal and force him to ask Brussels for an extension to the current Oct. 31 Brexit deadline. The developments in Parliament set up a complicated week with just 11 days left until the U.K. is still due to leave the world’s largest trading bloc. Will there be a deadline delay? Johnson grudgingly asked for an extension to the deadline late on Saturday night , but EU leaders don’t necessarily have to accept it. Some have ruled out giving Britain more time, piling pressure on U.K. lawmakers to accept the current deal. But it’s unlikely they would want a no-deal scenar

U.K. | Brexit News: UK and EU strike new Brexit deal after last-ditch talks

Holly Ellyatt 4-5 minutos - Source: CNBC Negotiators from the U.K. and EU have reached a draft Brexit deal in the eleventh hour of talks, although there are serious doubts that the agreement will be approved by U.K. lawmakers back in Westminster. Sterling rose on news after the U.K. made concessions over the Irish border, an issue that had proven to be the biggest obstacle to a deal up to that point. The pound was 0.8% higher against the dollar , at $1.2929, reaching a five-month high. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said “we have a great new Brexit deal” via Twitter. He called on British lawmakers to back the deal when it’s put before Parliament on Saturday. Meanwhile, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said the deal was a “fair and balanced” one. Discussions to hammer out a “Withdrawal Agreement” — that will now be put before EU leaders at their summit on Thursday and Friday, and then U.K. lawmakers at the week