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DealBook | Brazil Rules on Social Media Content: Bolsonaro Bans Social Networks From Removing Some Posts.

 Source : Jack Nicas 9-11 minutes The new rules in Brazil appear to be the first national policy that restricts how tech companies can control their sites, analysts say. Credit...Victor Moriyama for The New York Times President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil is temporarily banning social media companies from removing certain content, including his claims that the only way he’ll lose next year’s elections is if the vote is rigged — one of the most significant steps by a democratically elected leader to control what can be said on the internet. The new social media rules , issued this week and effective immediately, appear to be the first time a national government has stopped internet companies from taking down content that violates their rules, according to internet law experts and officials at tech companies. And they come at a precarious moment for Brazil. Mr. Bolsonaro has used social media as a megaphone to bu