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Markets | Bond Market Signal: This bond market signal indicates the bear market isn't over yet

Elliot Smith 4-5 minute - Source: CNBC The price action of high-yield corporate bonds will signal to investors when the bear market triggered by the coronavirus pandemic is truly at its bottom, according to Longview Economics. A bear market is a broad decline in a stock market, often defined as a price decline of 20% from a recent high. Sudden, sharp losses in stocks in early-to-mid-March took global stocks into bear market territory as the coronavirus pandemic spread worldwide and oil prices plummeted. Stock markets have rallied in recent days, however, fueled by unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus from central banks and governments around the world, and the commencement of efforts to reopen economies following prolonged lockdowns. Markets have shrugged off dire economic indicators, such as the U.S. shedding a record 20.5 million jobs in April, suggesting that investors are beginning to see a case for a V-shaped recovery.