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Bloomberg View - August 11, 2016: Lies an Labor Statistics What's Really Wrong With the Unemployment Rate The U.S. joblessness rate has fallen below 5 percent , but it doesn't feel  like the economy is humming along at 1997 levels. What gives?  Justin Fox bats down  the conspiracy talk , instead seeing a lesson in America's long, flawed history of collecting employment statistics.

Bloomberg View - July 26, 2016: Sanders Funs Were Just a Distraction Jonathan Bernstein The first day for the Democrats in Philadelphia couldn't have gone better -- from the podium. In the convention hall? That was a little more complicated.

Bloomberg View | Share The View - March 4, 2015: Obamacare Goes to Court

Share  The View THE LATEST OPINIONS FROM BLOOMBERG VIEW MARCH 4, 2015 LAW Megan McArdle:   "The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in King v. Burwell, which will decide whether the federal government can offer insurance subsidies on the health exchanges it operates." Liberals are "mounting an all-out push to convince the Supreme Court that the very legitimacy of the institution is at stake. This is first-class flummery."   Read more... Noah Feldman:   "Even though I've been warning about a mounting confrontation between the state of Alabama and the federal courts on gay marriage for the last month, I have to admit that I find the latest development pretty shocking."   Read more...

Bloomberg View | Share The View - February 27, 2015: Man Invests, Trading Gods Laugh.

Share The View The Latest Opinions From Bloomberg View February 27, 2015 BONDS Mohamed A. El-Erian: "As yields on German bonds plunged further yesterday, with some maturities closing at record negative levels, the worldwide trend toward ultra-low interest rates remains largely intact. Yet the causes and implications of this movement are quite complex." Read more... INVESTING Barry Ritholtz: "Mr. Market will do what he is going to do, and that is unknown and unpredictable. However, what isn't unknown and is very predictable is that YOU are going to do something very foolish and self-de