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Bloomberg View | Share The View - February 11, 2015: Student Debt 101.

Share  The View THE LATEST OPINIONS FROM BLOOMBERG VIEW FEBRUARY 12, 2015 EDUCATION The Editors:  "President Barack Obama's efforts to reduce defaults on federal student loans are proving popular with borrowers. Unfortunately, that's not such good news for taxpayers."   Read more... UKRAINE CRISIS The Editors:  "This morning's cease-fire agreement for Ukraine is horribly flawed, yet far better than the alternative. ... That said, it's easy to see why Russian President Vladimir Putin was the one who emerged from the all-night negotiations in Minsk wearing a grin."  Read more... Leonid Bershidsky:   "What came out of the 17-hour, Ironman-level endurance test in Minsk is a cease-fire deal for eastern Ukraine that mitigates the Kiev government's defeat in a war it could not have won, gives Russian-backed rebels two days to make final territorial gains and freezes the conflict until next year. The challenge now i

Bloomberg View | Share The View - February 9, 2015: The World According to Merkel

Share  The View THE LATEST OPINIONS FROM BLOOMBERG VIEW FEBRUARY 9, 2015 EUROPEAN ECONOMY Mohamed A. El-Erian:   "Alexis Tsipras didn't disappoint in his first parliamentary speech as prime minister of Greece yesterday. ... His address shed light on a way forward for Greece, as well as the many obstacles to progress. He also took unnecessary risks."   Read more... Mark Gilbert:   "What you make of Greece's predicament depends on how you think it happened. ... What's not ambiguous, however, is that the risk that Greece ends up exiting the euro -- an outcome that would have dangerously unpredictable repercussions for all of Europe -- has risen exponentially in the past few days."  Read more...

Bloomberg View | Share The View 2 - December 30, 2014: Ukraine's Failed Revolution

Share  The View THE LATEST OPINIONS FROM BLOOMBERG VIEW DECEMBER 30, 2014 UKRAINE CRISIS Leonid Bershidsky:  "In Ukraine, it was a year that started with a bang and ended with a whimper. The 'revolution of dignity,' as many in Kiev still call it, upset the political balance in Europe but gave the nation new hope. Now, as is customary in Ukraine, that hope is being trampled by incompetent, greedy leaders."  Read more... EUROPE The Editors:  "If anything is certain about the new year, it is that much of the world's stability and economic health will depend on what is done, or not done, in Europe. And what happens in Europe will depend, in large part, on German Chancellor Angela Merkel."  Read more... CULTURE Cass R. Sunstein:   "When we make New Year's resolutions, we're taking advantage of a 'temporal landmark' that helps us to strengthen our best intentions."   Read more... INVESTING Noah

Bloomberg View | Share The View December 18, 2014: Hillary's Cuba Legacy.

Share  The View THE LATEST OPINIONS FROM BLOOMBERG VIEW DECEMBER 18, 2014 DECLASSIFIED Josh Rogin:   "Although President Barack Obama is taking the credit for Wednesday's  historic deal to reverse decades of U.S. policy toward Cuba, when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, she was the main architect of the new policy and pushed far harder for a deal than the Obama White House."   Read more... RUSSIA Leonid Bershidsky:  "A mere two weeks after delivering a weak, stumbling state-of-the-nation address, Russian President Vladimir Putin is back on form as a consummate populist demagogue."  Read more... INVESTING Barry Ritholtz:  "Hindsight is 20-20. This has certainly been the case with that recent New York magazine story about a teenage trading genius who told a reporter that he had amassed a $72 million fortune in the stock market while attending high school."  Read more... ECONOMICS Noah Smith:   "Is the U.

Bloomberg View | Share The View - December 4, 2014: CIA Torture Report

Share  The View THE LATEST OPINIONS FROM BLOOMBERG VIEW DECEMBER 4, 2014 DECLASSIFIED Josh Rogin and Eli Lake:   "After months of internal wrangling, the Senate Intelligence Committee is finally set to release its report on President George W. Bush-era CIA practices, which among other details will contain information about foreign countries that aided in the secret detention and interrogation of suspected terrorists."   Read more... RUSSIA The Editors:  "Vladimir Putin may not be too concerned about the economic repercussions of his standoff with the West, but the rest of the world should be: The Russian president is taking his country straight down a path that could lead to a regime much worse than his."  Read more... ENVIRONMENT Cass R. Sunstein:  "Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed, after White House review, an ozone regulation very similar to one that President Barack Obama personally blocked some thr