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Bloomberg View: Economist Get Too Much Credit - and Blame

Bloomberg View - June 1, 2016: There Goes the Fed Credibility.

Image Narayana Kocherlakota   Back in January 2012, the Federal Reserve promised to keep its preferred measure of inflation close to 2 percent over the longer run. More than three years later, that promise remains unfulfilled, casting doubt on the central bank's willingness to deliver.

Bloomberg View - May 11, 2016: Will President Trump Still Be the King of Debt?: Timothy L. O'Brien   The presumptive Republican nominee for president has spent the last several days scrambling to clarify his self-contradictory statements on everything from tax reform and the minimum wage to interest rates and the national debt.

Bloomberg View - May 3, 2016: Europe's Refugee Deal With Turkey Is Working Sort Of

Image The Editors   The European Union’s deal with Turkey to control the flow of refugees to Europe has been a success -- if success is defined narrowly. A  lasting solution  to this crisis, however, will require more than simply closing off one way onto the continent.

Cutting Through the Rate-Hike Hype: Bloomberg View - September 16, 2015. Cutting Through the Rate-Hike Hype Mohamed A. El-Erian   Let's take a deep breath: It shouldn't matter that much whether the Federal Reserve decides this week to raise interest rates by 25 basis points, or possibly even less. And the prospect of an increase certainly shouldn't produce dire warnings about another "Lehman moment" that would lead to global economic and financial calamity . Yet the possibility that Fed officials may decide to begin to raise rates has been the central public preoccupation of many market participants, economists and former policy makers . QuickTake The Fed's Countdown Here are seven reasons for the unusual attention to this Fed decision; only a few of them deserve serious consideration:

Bloomberg View | Share the View - April 15, 2015: An Especially Awful Tax Day.

Share  The View THE LATEST OPINIONS FROM BLOOMBERG VIEW APR 15, 2015 TAXES The Editors:   "The IRS has become a terrible place to work in recent years, with stagnant salaries, staffing shortages, archaic technology and budget cuts so severe that some employees are buying their own office supplies. ... It didn't have to be this way.

Bloomberg View | Share The View - April 8, 2015: Clean Energy Revolution.

Share  The View THE LATEST OPINIONS FROM BLOOMBERG VIEW APR 08, 2015 EDUCATION Mohamed A. El-Erian:   "I was recently asked again to sit down with a high school student who is about to decide which university to attend. I was supposed to help him sort through a short list of institutions where he had been accepted. I ended up learning a lot about how one should approach this important decision."

Bloomberg View | Share The View - March 20, 2015: Russia's Rebound.

Share  The View THE LATEST OPINIONS FROM BLOOMBERG VIEW MAR 20, 2015 INVESTING Matthew Winkler:  "Sanctions meant to punish Russia for snatching Crimea from Ukraine one year ago were supposed to hurt Russian business. And they did. Russian stocks, bonds and commodities had the worst performance in 2014 of those in any emerging market. That was then. Now the picture is changing."   Read more... WALL STREET Matt Levine:   A bank isn't just better than its client at making money on foreign exchange trades, "it's also way better informed about  how  it makes money. And sometimes a bank will succumb to the temptation to keep that information to itself. And to cover it with euphemisms and quarter-truths, hoping that to keep the client in the dark. That mostly ends badly."   Read more... TECH Katie Benner:   "Uber announced this week that Brent Callinicos, the company’s chief financial officer, was leaving to spend more time

Bloomberg View - July 24, 2014: The Paradox of Argentine Debt Drama.

WALL STREET The Paradox of the Argentine Debt Drama 12   JUL 24, 2014 7:03 AM EDT By  Mohamed A. El-Erian A small group of investors is nearing its goal of making Argentina pay up on bonds that the country failed to honor years ago. Paradoxically, that outcome could end up being bad for creditors of sovereign nations as a whole. A New York federal judge has ordered Argentina to negotiate “continuously” for the next week and until it reaches an agreement with creditors who are demanding full payment on bonds that weren't included in Argentine debt restructurings in 2005 and 2010. Under previous court rulings, Argentina can't make any further payments to other bondholders until it has paid the holdouts. If it doesn’t find a solution by July 30, it will be in default. After a long and colorful battle that has included full-page advertisements in newspapers and emotional pleas to the United Nations, Argentina is on the ropes. It can’t keep ignoring the holdou