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Bloomberg Businessweek Insider - May 23, 2014; The Trouble With IBM.

BW Insider May 23, 2014 This Week's Top Story FEATURES THE TROUBLE WITH IBM Customers are breaking up with Big Blue as it struggles to adapt to the cloud era More Top Stories Facebook Succeeds Because Deep Down, We're All Stalkers Harvard's Mikolaj Jan Piskorski says assured anonymity in searches lets Facebook users seek points of commonality without seeming awkward AT&T Bulks Up Again Telecom's consolidation trend revives the specter of Ma Bell Will the World Cup Hurt Summer Movies? Studios are shuffling release dates to avoid openings during the event Spotify Hits 10 Million Paid Users. Now Can It Make Money? The streaming music service has been great at getting people to pay for subscriptions-and not at all successful at turning a profit The Case for Scrubbing Search Results How Google can coexist with the right to be forgotten China's War on English Official media say China's linguistic purity i