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Bloomberg | Share The View March 12, 2014: The Missing Airliner:

SHARE  THE VIEW A quick look at Bloomberg News's opinion section March 12, 2014 For more, visit» NUCLEAR DISASTER:  "Three years after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami nearly triggered a nuclear cataclysm in central Japan, conditions at the shattered Dai-Ichi power plant in Fukushima don't inspire confidence,"  James Gibney writes. "Yet here's where tragedy turns to farce: Last month, on the same day that Tokyo Electric Power Co. announced that a damaged power cable at the Dai-Ichi plant had shut down a vital cooling system, the Japanese government released its new Basic Energy Plan, which called nuclear power 'an important base load energy source.'"  Read more   MALAYSIAN AIRLINER: The Editors:  "Days after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished somewhere between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, its fate remains   unknown , add ing a cruel uncertainty to the grief of the families and friends

Bloomberg | Share The View March 6, 2014: Facebook Bans Guns.

SHARE  THE VIEW A quick look at Bloomberg News's opinion section March 6, 2014 For more, visit» FACEBOOK:  "Facebook has decided that it was not good for business to become a conduit for illegal gun sales,"  the Editors write. "From now on it will monitor and limit gun-sale postings to discourage criminal activity. It's a smart move that the company should have made months ago."  Read more   SAT: The Editors:  "   The College Board has put future test-takers -- and their high-priced tutors -- on notice: Studying in school may soon be at least as important as prepping for the SAT."  Read more LAW:  "The justices of the Supreme Court might not care much for Marshall Mathers -- assuming they know who he is -- but they share his penchant for studied self-contradiction,"  Noah Feldman  writes. "Today they decided two cases on the interpretation of treaties based on almost perfectly opposed p