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Apple Works With TV Industry on 'Grand Vision': BitsThe Business of Technology July 18, 2013.

Thursday, July 18, 2013 For the latest updates, go to » Daily Report Apple Works With TV Industry on 'Grand Vision' | Apple, in its efforts to reimagine television as it did the cellphone, is collaborating with distributors like Time Warner Cable and programmers like the Walt Disney Company on apps that might eliminate the unpleasant parts of TV watching, like bothersome set-top boxes or clunky remote controls, Brian Stelter reports in The New York Times. Apple's broader strategy - what its chief executive, Timothy D. Cook, recently called its "grand vision" for television - remains shrouded in secrecy, as everything Apple-related tends to be. Some analysts continue to predict, as they have for years, that the company will someday come out with a full-blown television set. Whether or not an iTV ever materializes, the company's more modest steps, like improving the $100 Apple TV box that 13