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Novel Prompts Reflections on Our Technological Lives: Bits Daily Report October 10, 2013.

Daily Report Novel Prompts Reflections on Our Technological Lives | Book critics are divided over the quality of Dave Eggers's highly anticipated novel "The Circle," which went on sale Tuesday . Is it an eviscerating takedown of the tech industry? Or is it a sanctimonious screed that fails to understand its subject? But in Silicon Valley and beyond, the book's theme promises to spark an even bigger debate over the 21st-century hyperconnected world that Mr. Eggers describes, Julie Bosman and Claire Cain Miller report . Set in an "undefined future time," the novel tells the story of Mae Holland, a young idealist who comes to work at the Circle, an immensely powerful technology company that has conquered all its competitors by creating a single log-in for people to search, shop and socialize online. Initial orders have lifted the book to No. 21 on Amazon, no small achievement for literary fiction, and booksellers reported selling