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Biggest Money Goals and 5 Financial Habits that are Worth Keep Them After the Pandemic. The biggest money goals MarketWatch readers have right now and 5 financial habits worth keeping after the pandemic Elisabeth Buchwald 3-4 minutes Good evening, MarketWatchers! Our first money challenge is running all month long! Look out for a challenge each Monday in April in your inbox. Follow us on Instagram for more updates and let us know your money goals. Now for today’s top personal finance stories: My wife’s father left her a home and money in a trust. This subsidizes our lifestyle. What happens to me if she dies? ‘I am concerned that if something happened, her sisters might try to claim it as family property and say I’m not entitled to it.’ Read More My second husband, 86, and I have 12 kids between us. He wants me to leave him everything — and will pass on the inheritance to my 5 children ‘He wants to leave the house to his children, but says if I