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BBC Europe News: 'Progress' at eurozone debt talks New:

22 October 2011 Last updated at 19:41 GMT 'Progress' at eurozone debt talks New UK Chancellor George Osborne declares "real progress" among Europe's finance ministers to beat the eurozone debt crisis. Peston: Banks to raise 100bn euros Osborne: 'We need urgent solution' Watch EU 'couple' hit a rocky patch Q&A: Eurozone rescue proposals Turkish forces 'kill 49 rebels' Turkish forces kill at least 49 Kurdish militants in an offensive launched after 24 soldiers died in attacks near the Iraqi border. Turkey and Iran 'target rebels' Mistrust triggers Kurdish strife German satellite to fall from sky A second large satellite in two months is about to make an uncontrolled fall from the sky - this time the 2.4-tonne German Rosat X-ray telescope. Serbs stop Nato roadblock