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BBC: Live coverage - General Election 2010 . May 6th, 2010

Live coverage - General Election 2010 No need to reload page, content updates automatically. BREAKING NEWS Next result in Washington and Sunderland West - Labour win. 2330 Harriet Harman, Labour deputy leader, tells BBC Radio 4 some results "may be challenged" because of people not being able to vote. She also says "the Electoral Commission need to get their act together on this". 2329 Nick Clegg has gone to personally apologise to voters in his constituency who were denied the chance the vote because the doors to their polling station were closed in their faces, says the BBC's Nick Robinson. 2328: Ex TV presenter Esther Rantzen, who is standing as an independent in the constituency of Luton South, says she's "excited" about the forthcoming results, adding that she will move to Luton if she wins. 2326: The BBC is beaming the election results live onto the side of St Stephen&#