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BBC | UK Politics on Thursday, January 20, 2022:

 Source: Boris Johnson's future: Ministers blackmailing plotters, claims Tory MP BBC News 5-7 minutes Image source, Getty Images A senior Tory has accused the government of trying to "blackmail" its own MPs against plotting to remove Boris Johnson. William Wragg, one of those calling on the PM to resign, said rebels had faced "pressures and intimidation" from ministers. And he claimed suspected plotters had been threatened with damaging publicity. No 10 said it was "not aware of any evidence" for Mr Wragg's allegations. "If there is any evidence to support these claims we would look at it very carefully," a Downing Street spokesperson added. Labour's deputy leader Angela Rayner called the claims "shocking" and Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey accused Mr Johnson of "acting more like a mafia boss than a prime minister". Mr Johnson is facing dow

BBC | Cost Of Living Rising Worldwide.

Image Inflation: Seven reasons why the cost of living is going up around the world By Beth Timmins & Daniel Thomas 5-7 minutes By Beth Timmins & Daniel Thomas BBC News Image source, Getty Images From buying groceries to heating our homes, the cost of living is rising sharply - not just in the UK but around the world. Global inflation - the rate at which prices rise - is at its highest since 2008. Here are some of the reasons why. 1. Rising energy and petrol prices Image source, Getty Images Oil prices slumped at the start of the pandemic, but demand has rocketed back since, and this week they hit a seven-year high . In the US gasoline currently costs an average of $3.31 a gallon - up from $2.385 a gallon a year ago. It's a similar story in the UK and the EU. The price of gas has also shot up , leaving people around the world with eye-watering central heating bills. Demand from Asia has driven up price

US Politics: US Senate averts crisis by voting to extend debt ceiling ( Morning Edition, Updated 6 Hours Ago)

 Source: BBC News 3-4 minutes Image source, Getty Images Image caption, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen had warned that the US could fall into a recession if an agreement was not reached The US Senate has voted to temporarily raise the nation's debt limit, avoiding a historic default that experts say would have devastated the economy. Senators agreed to increase the limit by $480bn (£352bn), which will cover the US until early December. The bill was approved in a 50-48 vote, following weeks of partisan fighting. The breakthrough came less than two weeks before the US was set to be unable to borrow money or pay off loans for the first time ever. The bill now has to be approved by the House of Representatives, and will then be sent to President Joe Biden to be signed into law. The vote in the upper house of Congress came after Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell offered his support for a short-term extension

News | Covid 19-Delta: China is deeply Concerned as Grow of Delta Spreads

Source: BBC News 4-5 minutes image sourceGetty Images image captionAuthorities in China are testing millions of people after an outbreak spread to 18 provinces A fresh Covid outbreak in China has spread to more locations, raising concerns in local media over the country's vulnerability to the highly contagious Delta variant. More than 300 cases have been detected within a span of 10 days. Local headlines have been dominated by news on the outbreak, and the country's top respiratory diseases specialist has reportedly expressed grave concern. The government has imposed fresh travel restrictions and is testing millions. It is unclear how many in China are fully vaccinated, although authorities say more than 1.6 billion doses have been administered so far. A total of 15 provinces and municipalities have now confirmed cases, of which 12 are connected to an outbreak that began in Nanjing in China's eastern Ji

Business News: South Asia faces worst economic growth in 40 years

3minutes - Source: BBC Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Low paid workers in countries like India could bear the brunt of economic decline South Asia faces its worst economic performance in 40 years because of the coronavirus , the World Bank has said. The effects will unravel decades of progress in the region's battle against poverty. Economies such as India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan have reported relatively few virus cases but experts fear they could be the next hotspots . The South Asia region is home to 1.8 bn people and some of the world’s most densely populated cities. "South Asia finds itself in a perfect storm of adve

Business: Burger King boss: We’re not going to pay our rent

3-4 minutes - Source: BBC Image copyright Getty Images Burger King chief executive Alasdair Murdoch has said that the fast food chain will not be paying rent due on its UK restaurants this week. Hundreds of High Street businesses are set to withhold their quarterly rent payments, which are due on Wednesday, so they can afford to pay their staff. The government has said shops will not forfeit leases if they do not pay, but will have to pay arrears in the future. Mr Murdoch told the Today programme : "We are not intending to pay our rent." He added: "Most landlords have been reasonable about this. I do think there are a number of creative solutions as well. "We could add three months on to the end of the lease for those people who are unable

Gold: Gold price at seven-year high on coronavirus fears

5-6 minutes - Source: BBC Image copyright AFP The price of gold has surged to its highest level in seven years as worries about the coronavirus led investors to seek a safe place for their money. Gold prices climbed more than 2% on Monday to levels not seen since February 2013. The price for immediate delivery went as high as $1,678.58 an ounce before falling back slightly. Meanwhile, stock markets in Europe opened lower, with London's FTSE 100 down more than 3% in early trading. Milan's main index was worst hit, falling more than 4%. Italy has seen Europe's worst outbreak of the coronavirus and the government has announced a series of drastic measures, with a lockdown in place in several sm

Martin Sorrell Is Gone From WPP, but That Doesn’t Mean He’s Gone Quiet I Business I DealBook I NYT.

Image Martin Sorrell Is Gone From WPP, but That Doesn’t Mean He’s Gone Quiet Martin Sorrell reigned as one of the most influential leaders in the advertising industry for three decades as the chief executive of the marketing colossus WPP. After he abruptly resigned in April following an investigation into alleged personal misconduct, the normally sharp-tongued, frenetic 73-year-old slipped unexpectedly out of sight. But not for long. By the end of May, Mr. Sorrell had created a new advertising company called S4 Capital, which he pitched last month at the annual advertising bacchanal in Cannes, France. While there, he spoke at events where he defended his reputation and criticized WPP for how it had handled his departure. Then last week, Mr. Sorrell clashed more directly with his former employer, with both vying to purchase the same Dutch marketing firm. Lawyers for WPP sent a letter to Mr. Sorrell on Tuesday telling him

Second Hostage Released.: BBC News - September 23, 2014: Breaking News.

          Second video of UK hostage released Second video of British hostage John Cantlie released in which he criticises US-led attacks on Islamic State For more details,  see the BBC News website       Terms of use  |  Privacy and Cookies  |

BBC : Latest News : March 11th, 2010 05:25 EST

GLOBAL ECONOMY     LATEST NEWS March 11th, 2010 05:25 EST Japan's economic growth rate cut China inflation at 16-month high China's exports see big increase Brussels to mull 'European IMF' Portugal unveils austerity plans